Again, detonate with Throw or Overload.
To create fire explosions, use EDIs Incinerate (preferably with the Radius evolution Ashleys (or your own) Inferno Grenades, James Carnage (again, preferably with the Radius Evolution) and his Incendiary Ammo with the Squad evolution, to prime a go wild casino code target or three and then use either Throw.Overload and cryo explosions from your own.This power is available to, liara in Mass Effect.Outside of that, you can be going for heavy melee kills and/or Tech Armor detonations if youre specced into.James' Incendiary Ammo can be *extremely* powerful.In this post though, I'll mainly be talking about a power-focused build for the Sentinel.Pierce: More damage to armor and barriers and further weakens armor?This is why WarpThrow is such a powerful combination, since each Detonate bonus from each power stacks on top of each other.OR, squad Bonus, increase health and damage armor.5.Expose: More damage taken from firepower and powers is always nice.Recharge Combo can be useful if you want to use heavier weapons and more damage protection from.
It can set up an enemy for a devastating biotic explosion, dealing substantial damage to the primed enemy and decent damage to nearby enemies.

Warp Ammo is extremely effective against the target's barriers, armor and health.Warp ammo's damage bonus is doubled to enemies affected by biotic powers.Force Damage: Hey, why not tack on even more power damage and force?I generally dont take an ammo power though as I prefer borrowing an ammo power from a squadmate, for example, James Incendiary Ammo with the 4th Squad Bonus evolution.More force isnt as important in this game, as there arent many maps or missions that have lots of open ledges.Warp Ammo can greatly amplify damage against lifted enemies (or any target whos been primed with a biotic power such as Warp, Reave, etc.).Increase headshot damage.Other good options include: - Reave (double damage to armor and barriers, and leeches enemy health) - Warp Ammo (Activate and forget power, small weapon damage increase to armor, barriers, and health; also increases weapon damage to enemies lifted by Slam, Pull, and Singularity).Power Recharge: See Power RechargeTA.If youre going for a Melee Synergy build, go for Melee Damage.Use it, especially against tougher enemies and clusters of mobs.Rank 6 edit Damage OR Enhanced Warp Increase health and damage armor.5.I go for this evolution for much more powerful biotic explosions, which comes in handy against tough customers.More force on Throw?
To get access to Stasis, you must complete Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC at least once with any Shepard.