In the same way add the remaining struts in this order: long plywood struts; 15cm piece of 2cm x 2cm wood (again, the 45 holes.5cm should be on the outside edge short struts with slits.
Twist the exposed copper wires together on each strip.
Lining up the straight edges, so that the curved ends of the plywood stick out of the top, and glue it straight into the space in the base ( fig H ).Keep moving and re-clamping the plywood as you go, and take your time this requires a bit of patience, as the plywood is prone to splintering.It usually takes about an hour.These will form the base.Open up the plug with a screwdriver and strip the cable as before.Four 6mm bolts with wing nuts (these come together in a pack).To do so, mark out the lengths in pencil, then clamp the wood to a surface you don't mind messing up a little (cover a section of a table with a protective piece of wood or, preferably, use a work bench) and cut with.Measure across the top of the open jar, and add 2mm.Re-clamp as you go to get a good position.
At the end of each cable, use a craft knife to carefully score around the fabric covering 3cm from the end and remove, making sure the internal wires are intact.
Junior hacksaw with a wood blade.

Strip the individual cables to 6mm of bare copper wire, and twist.Now for the jar.As mentioned before, it is very important that the slits these are 2cm apart, so double-check your measurements before mamma mia at foxwoods casino you drill.Following the templates, round the corners of the struts that have curves using sandpaper up to your marked out lines.Then gently sand all the cut edges till smooth.Drill a hole, still with the 6mm bit, in either end of the two longest struts, 1cm in from the end, and in the centre of the width ( fig A ).Use the 6mm drill bit and drill at a 45 angle, pointing the drill toward the end of the wood ( fig G ).Add a bulb and check it all works.First, use the 6mm drill bit.The live and neutral wires go into the matching contacts, while earth goes in the separate connector.(If you are not confident doing this, ask someone to help, or look it up online.).Clamp and cut out the straight, rectangular shapes using the coping saw.Glue the four base rectangles together with plenty of wood glue, making sure the one with the small rectangle cut out of it is on the top.
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