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Wizard boots can be ninja kasino trustpilot obtained from Treasure Trails, for members.
The occult necklace provides not only 12 Magic attack, but also 10 Magic damage that stacks with other boosting effects.Requires 70 Magic and 30 Defence to wear.The Amulet of power also gives a Prayer bonus, but it is only.White/Gold robes can be obtained by slaying monsters in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.Ring of suffering (i) 20 The Ring of suffering initially gives 10 Defence bonus.Ring of the gods (i) 8 The Ring of the gods initially gives 4 Prayer bonus.When wielding all of Ahrim's robes, including the staff, spells have a chance of reducing their target's Strength.Infernal cape 4 Requires completion of the Inferno.The Proselyte tasset can also be used.None 1, wizard Robes,.Ardougne cloak 4 6 Requires completion of the Elite Ardougne Diary.Leaf-bladed battleaxe 92 Requires 65 Attack and 55 Slayer to wield.The best you can get without getting negative magic stats are leather ranging armour and various other items for defensive stats.Devout boots 5 Requires 60 Prayer to wear.
Tormented bracelet 10 Requires 75 Hitpoints to wear.
Eternal boots 8 Requires 75 Magic and 75 Defence to wear.

They give a higher magical attack and Defence bonus than Infinity robes, but a slightly smaller bonus than Ahrim's robes.The Bonecrusher necklace has the same bonus, requirements, and prayer-restoring effect, but also acts as a Bonecrusher.70 range is required to wear them.Bandos chestplate 4 Requires 65 Defence to wear.This, combined with the increased cost, make it a very rare sight.Mystic robes give a comparatively high Magic Attack and Defence bonus, but nothing else.3rd age mage robes can be obtained from Treasure Trails, or by trading with another player.Any God book 5 Requires completion of Horror from the Deep.Dragonbone necklace 12 Requires 80 Prayer to wear.Spectral spirit shield 30 Requires 65 Magic, 75 Defence, and 70 Prayer.

For game mechanics, see, magic.
God capes Saradomin (Blue/White), Guthix (Green/Teal), Zamorak (Black/Red) The God capes are the best capes available for magical attack, and second, to the Fire cape, in magical Defence.
The Farseer helm is relatively popular, as it is cheaper than the Infinity, 3rd age mage and Ancestral hat, is easier to obtain than the Healer hat, and does not degrade like Ahrim's hood.