Azerite gear can drop from loads of content, like World Quests, Dungeons, Warfronts, PvP, reputations, etc., so you should try to do all possible content.
If you are; indoors it shall put you in cat form; outdoors it will put you in flight form; in a location that is poker profesional reglas non-flyable, but mountable then it will put you in travel form; in flight form AND on the ground you will.For example on BWL the trash before chromaggus and ebronoc have aoe stuns with 13 second CD, move your pet in and out of 1 and just count the stuns out so your pet doesnt take damage.The crit cap is the same as the of swings that will not be glancing/dodged/missed.You should not lose any time doing this and maintain threat on the mob, this will take alot of practice.This is your insurance policy.Just replace the spell name and the energy cost.Poisons Instant Poison this is your default poison, use it on both weapons (Horde only on OH) Deadly Poison does more DPS than IP on long fights, but consumes a debuff slot, not recommended in 20/40 man raids Crippling Poison useful for a few boss.Tab or select to the add you want your pet to attack (sometimes they can be different) and attack with your pet on the add or seperate mob and keep your damage rotation (explained next) on the original mob.This can be done on things like satura casino games online play free ads aswell.View 6155 views 0 up votes Bear defense rotation macro rotating your defence.Some guilds wont like you using this as its a use of debuff slot, but if not its a big dps upgrade for hunters.Hardiness a resisted stun wont damage you, really nice for PVP and PVE Troll Berserking totally situational (grants more attack speed, when hurt badly) Beast Slaying 5 damage against Beasts, not that many beasts bosses around Undead Will of the Forsaken nice for PVP and.If you can find space on the debuff list, than its fine to use deadly poison or rupture/garrote, but only if its actually pushes your DPS.
Pre Raid BiS Gear buffed *Dagger Alliance 1 Crit 23 AP 20 1 Hit 18 AP 16 1 Agi.9.8 1 Str.1 AP Horde 1 Crit 24 AP 20 1 Hit 20 AP 17 1 Agi.8.7 1 Str.0.

Eg Mobs that can fear, pets can get feared into other mobs same as players, can chain abilities to other members (like zulgurub snake boss).20/31/0 https legacy- wow This is and endgame spec safe deposit box regulations texas for geared hunters, this is not an optimal raid dps spec this is a fun spec to get high on meters.2018: Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.End damage is (xtalents)external buffs)-damage mitigation from your target.Cheap Shot 60 Energy 2CP Stealth 4 sec stun Very handy when you have to stunlock mobs.Because the Azerite Traits scale in strength with the item level of the item equipped, and with the possibility of Titanforging items, an exact list of best items is impossible to make.This makes it real easy to swap trinkets as you can just click the next outfit and just feign when they are complete.Firstly make sure you have minor speed enchant on some pair of shoes as this is useful for that extra speed boost.Horde Sidenote: Imp Eviscerate is better than Imp Poisons by 2 DPS, depends on points spent.
If you put NS first, it will show NS rather than rebirth in combat.
Step 6: How to use Cooldowns First thing to know is, that you want to do as much DPS as possible.

VwcA8O_dRLy0 Primary focus is on Lupos as he does the most damage out of all pets and alongside has furious howl.
Useful for every target switch when you dont have energy left or you dont wanna right click on each target.
You can dodge things like maxxena webspray with feign death.