Build, city, defense, doF, friendly to Civs, denounce.
Getting these two passed should be not too difficult, and doing so will greatly speed your Cultural Victory.
This means each Moai can have at least 2, but sometimes as many as 4, adjacent Moai to raise the Culture on that tile.
Civilization to play on Archipelago-based Maps Strategies/Ideas for playing Polynesia :Polynesia is a Civ with great potential on Archipelago maps.Something unique about the Moai is that they can be built on top of Tiles where you are normally forced to put a specific improvement - say, luxuries, or food tiles like Cattle.The ability to cross Oceans applies to ships as well, so you can explore the entire world with an early Scout and Trireme.I had such a strong cultural output that I had the most policies adopted and forced several Civs over to Freedom by the end of the game.When islands are shaped like those above, you have coast on either side so can build Moai in many spots.Archipelago also slows the rate of Science in the game a touch, so gives them more time to catch up on higher difficulties.I assume the developers did this so that you are able to get chains of Moai without having some silly critter cause you to have to miss out on big Cultural bonuses.When you get close, rush for Archaeology and grab as many Artifacts as you can with Archaeologists to produce more hard Tourism earlier in the game.You are not required to make Plantations or Pastures, but can rather put Moai there.If that happens, just buy some Great Musicians and pass them that way, else wait it out.It almost makes France's doubled Theming Bonuses and Chateau seem like a joke.You can learn more on Cultural Victory in my Cultural Victory and Tourism Guide.When you add in a National Visitor Center in the City with the most Tourism Potential, invent the Internet fairly early, and utilize Great Musician culture bombs, it can be one of the easiest Cultural Victories you'll achieve.The only thing that can't enter deep ocean without Astronomy is the Cargo Ship, so you still have reason to research this tech if free cash no deposit uk you need Internal/External Trade Routes that do not have coast connecting them.
Start Bias : Coast, polynesian Units can Embark and cross Coast/Ocean immediately, so are a great.

Page 1 of 1 Join In No new entries may be made.It doesn't help with any ranged damage done, however.CS War, other Info, kamehameha is a loyal leader, but has a high denounce likelihood if you get on his bad side.I recommend right after researching the Internet, you beeline for Computers so that you can use a Great Engineer to rush-build the Great Firewall, just to prevent another Civ from getting it and negating your own bonus.Plus, you can get Happiness from all Coastal Buildings, which is great given it's almost as strong as an Ideological Tenet and may let you replace some of your Plantations etc.I had a moment of confusion using them, when I was unable to connect a relatively close City of my own for a Food Trade Route and some Religious Pressure.I probably would have kept with Tradition just to give my Capital the growth bonuses to aid in Production of Wonders later in the game.If playing Tall, you still want some Wonders to help you have places to put great works and give you Theming Bonuses, but you are at least guaranteed to be able to have Hermitage, Oxford University, and the ability to invent the Internet.Are you sure you want to report it?While the early game may dictate that you need Luxuries to help your Cities grow, you are able to replace their improvements once you have Hotels and Airports to speed up your Cultural Victory.With Moai without sacrificing Happiness.Better on Islands for more adjacency bonuses.I missed out on a few key wonders by just a few turns, but that I won without them says a lot.While I did fine playing Tall with 4 Cities, I could have won earlier had I got out a couple more.