At the end of Persona 3 Portable, if you're playing as the female protagonist, or the male one on subsequent playthroughs, and have romanced at least one character, then you will hear a voice and the game asks you to specify whose voice.
It's a cruel game.See 3 card poker dealer rules Adam Cadre 's Photopia, for instance.DM of the Rings : During a dice roll for an enemy attack, the dice accidentally drops beneath the table to an inconvenient spot.One of the programmers supervising Naegi's sim exploited this by changing the identity of the Mastermind before it was ever revealed.Later DLC for the game also makes some of the quests a little ridiculous.During the therapy sessions, your answer to some questions will always be wrong, no matter what you choose or when you're asked to color in a picture of a house, whichever color you choose will determine the color of your childhood home.While one isn't one of these (merely determining if you strip the Zerg of their primary Zerg Rush generating unit or of their flying units the other two are: In the Colonists story arc, the climax is to either fight off the Protoss to try.Unable to determine where the real monster is, he fires randomly, shatters all the mirrors but runs out of ammo and is killed by the real enemy.He left the note below mostly unchanged, presumably as a record of the uncertainty in the writing process.Two dragons that you must fight in the main quest do not have unique models.
Papyrus, assuming you spared him, will call your cell phone once you reach a certain place in Waterfall and ask to confirm the clothing you're wearing, since a friend of his wants to know.

Step Five Datacrons, the rock the blue beam is pointing to is located here.However, there is a coherent truth but no one route ever shows it to you all at once.Discussed during the Super Best Friends second LP of Detroit: Become Human.Your actions as the mental Harry retroactively determine whether the real Harry was a loving parent, a coward, or an abusive alcoholic.In Chapter 2 of Gunnerkrigg Court, a set of glowing pictures (a Shout-Out to the film The Peanut Butter Solution ) are briefly featured in the library.Batman decides that involves piping poison from a utility.Instead, it's Garibaldi's aide.If you lose the box the guy who gave it to you will say that he knew you were going to lose it and gave you a fake.