lego indiana jones 2 walkthrough last crusade bonus levels

Xbox 360 który pozwoli grę kooperacji online 11 Gra zaczyna się w Królestwie Kryształowej Czaszki część.
Head on in and the first story level begins.
Indy lands in the desert with Sallah, and you're back in the level hub.
Once these are all done, you will unlock: You choose the wrong friends.These will get sucked into Hurricane Donovan and become targets.Fire the bazooka at these objects to damage the Wicked Wind of the West.The level entrance is past the tank.Use either the whip or a picked-up gun to take out the grey gunners.One last cutscene of Henry showing Elsa how to play golf, and everyone drives off together.Ameryce Północnej.Shoot down his replacement as well.This level asks Indy and Henry to escape a burning manor.He brought a tank to this fight.This is the part you need to begin the second half of this Build-It.After the intro cutscene, the level hub proper starts on a boat, on the ocean, while it's raining.Four of the nine squares on the grid will light up in front of you.
Last Crusade Level 2: Brunwald Blaze.

Lego Indiana Jones bank deposit box 15 the long dark 2: The Adventure Continues Review: Nuke The Mini-fig, m dostęp (ang.).Whip down a gunner from the right, giving you another bazooka.Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread.Można w nią grać samemu albo w dwie osoby naraz, z tym samym trybie kooperacji, co stało się znakiem rozpoznawalnych gier Lego.This time it's four more tan-coloured Germans and two grey-coloured Germans with machine guns.Kiedy ukończymy je, gracz może je edytować kiedy zechce.The door in front of you will open.To access the next level, it is highly recommended you buy the Bike 'n' Side vehicle for 2,500 studs.Use the whip on the hook immediately to your right to open a passage to the rest of the boat.Lego Indiana Jones 2 Will Continue Adventure With Online Coop, m dostęp (ang.).This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission.