legendary from bonus roll

The value of how good the bonus can be is determined by the rarity of the weapon, the rarer the gun, the better value on the Mastery bonus.
So I'm slightly pissed about the state of bonus rolls as they stand at the moment.The more uncommon ones you might only find on stuff like Infectors, or Detonators, will be further down the lists.These are listed in an order of bonus that can appear on a white weapon down to orange only masteries.So you may be able to understand the layout a little easier.AR/SMG/LMGs, All Shotguns, All Snipers, Pistols.10 Mag, volge Weapons.05 Mag, aR/SMG/lmgs, Infectors 1 Mag, detonators/RLs 2 Mag.I decided to try and make a guide here detailing the different weapon bonuses that you can get on the gear in the game.Example, fRC Assault Carbine (Synergy) 6 crit multi while crouched (Weapon Mastery Bonus).95 reload Common level bonus.90 reload Uncommon level bonus.85 reload Rare level bonus 10 EGO power recharge on full reload Epic level bonus.10 fire rate Legendary level bonus, as weapons range from Common.Maintenance and Disconnection Notice.Hopefully, that wont ever happen with the coming change to weapons.

Their bonus rolls will always be the same.Ive seen some interest around the boards about what types of weapon bonus rolls are out there and what is available for certain weapon types and such.Every weapon should have at least 4 distinct bonus types to cover the 4 rarity slots (excluding Epic).Uncommon (Green) Level Bonus, this bonus appears on any weapon that is Green rarity or higher.Ex.10 Fire Rate,.25 Mag.Source: contents, summaries, assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns and Light Machine Guns.So you can go in Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic and Mythic to kill the same boss(es) 4 times for loot and you have 4 chances to get a legendary.For the stuff that I marked with Volge Weapons those rolls are just only going to be found on the Volge guns.I know bonus rolls are just that, bonus rolls, a randomly selected chance at getting an item or extra item from a boss.This will primarily be a focus on rolls for weapon bonuses.EGO Level Mod Slots and Synergies Available or 1 Mod Slots Open or 2 Mod Slots Open, Synergies unlock for Oranges and Purples or 3 Mod Slots Open, Synergies unlock for Blues or 4 Mod Slots Open, Synergies unlock for Greens Slots Open.So Ill split it up into tiers and I will explain each below.For these weapons, this was basically a Rare level bonus we have post patch.105 and was a much bigger bonus than how does casino osrs work current Common Level Bonuses we have now, and could appear on any of these weapons that were EGO 1600 or higher.These bonuses are generally higher quality bonuses than Green or White bonuses and will have more effect on the weapons stats overall than those rolls.For example it might be until around 4500 ish EGO before one gets all four slots open on every type of weapon they get.