last jedi casino scene pointless

Just swap the swamps and caves of Dagobah for the foggy cliffs and caves of Ahch-To, and youve got Luke and Yoda born againonly this time, the Skywalker student has become the master.
Lukes version of his battle with Kylo and Kylos version of the same event was very Rashomon.
Having tried, having made that choice, still matters.Would he come back like Han and Lando?Slice this part (and, in fact, a lot of what Finn and Rose do) out of the story, and the end result of the film wouldnt be all that different.Did Carrie/Leia put back a lot of the weight shed lost for TFA?They may be going in different directions, but Ben Solo and Yoda have a similar line of thinking.
In a normal film, the back-and-forth favors the Antagonist till the Protagonist rallies.
Was it put there as a merchandising tool, a way to sell space pony plushies and several dozen more figurines?

And that help makes a differencefor Rose and Finn, and for the fathiers.Was played pretty well.The chase scene on the back of space horses, known as fathiers, conjures up memories of Ewan MacGregor riding a CG salamander.Because George Lucas modeled the original 1977.Holdo was a super-weak general, but her ultimate sacrifice was decent, if not quite rising to good.The Canto Bight casino planet feels like an attempt to build a high-concept new world that is more distinct than, say, the scavenger planet of Jakku is from the desert planet of Tattooine.What were going to see in The Last Jedi, Lucasfilm Story Group creative executive Pablo Hidalgo previously told.F., are ica kort bonuskort some people who have managed to carve out a life for themselves where they can live apart from the galactic struggle.Thats the only way to become what you were meant.You need real examples of change created by ordinary people; you need change to look like something possible, not just for a select few.Theres hope in Roses face when she reaches out to that stable boy, Resistance ring in hand.
It is only fitting that at the tail end of the franchises 40th anniversary year, Luke Skywalker should bring Star Wars full circle, giving closure to the first four decades of movies by staring up at a binary sunset again like he did when.
And as Luke Skywalker himself points out when hes training Rey, this ideal a conception of a balance and equality in all things shouldnt belong just to an elite few.