Contain terms relating to electric power industry, electrical engineering, electronics, including solid-state electronics and laser technologies.
music 6,000 entries.English-Russian-English : - aviation 60,000 entries.Apatite 2 is richer in Cl than apatite 1, averaging.43.In: Phosphates: Geochemical, geobiological, and material importance, MJ Kohn (Ed).Apatite 1 contains S(La, Ce,Nd) up.74 wt with an average.43.Generally, Esfordi apatites are F-rich poker casino las palmas and relatively low in Cl (.91 wt ) and OH content.The system is enriched in REE (.2.5 ) with an associated array of accessory REE minerals.Represented terminology is related to transmission of all kinds of information: sound signals, data and video information.Contains terms in the main fields of metallurgy: ore and concentrate preparatiom for conversion, pig iron and ferroalloy manufacturing, open-hearth and converter steel manufacturing, nonferrous metal and alloy manufacturing as well as forging, stamping, casting and rolling.
The selectivity of Ca-bearing minerals for REE is largely depends on the size of the Ca positions in mineral structure relative to the REE.

Geology, Geochemistry and Evolution of the Esfordi Phosphate - Iron Deposit, Bafq Area, Central Iran.It formed within a predominantly rhyolitic volcanic sequence that formed in a continental margin tectonic regime and is of Cambrian age.Bilingual dictionaries of general lexis (more than 120,000 roots) for all pairs of languages and dictionaries for the domains (they are used for MT-system fine tuning).Russian-English dictionaries : - TV AND video 15,000 entries.mine-technical 14,000 entries.telecommunications 33,000 entries.Thus, it is likely that hree where selectively leached from Esfordi apatite by F and CO2-rich late fluids, giving rise to the observed high lree/hree ratio.Britholite always occurs in brecciated apatite-rich zone associated with allanite and monazite.An alkali rhyolite hosted, "Kiruna type" occurrence in the Infracambrian Bafq metallotect.However, some of the REE in apatite is probably contributed by REE-bearing microscopic solid inclusions.Rare earth element geochemistry of granitoid mineral deposits / Canadian Inst Min Metall Bull 1983, Vol.Contains terms of common mechanical engineering, robotics, flexible automated systems, CAD/CAM systems, automation, etc.Apatite 2 shows an average.19 wt S(La, Ce, Nd).cosmetic industry 20,000 entries.Heidelberger Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen,.
Covers the following domains of music and music-related activities: history and theory of music, musical instruments, musical education, digital sound processing, musical acoustics, midi.
Contains up-to-date terminology related to air technologies in the following subdomains: construction, aircraft control and navigation systems, tools of engineering maintenance of flight vehicles; aircraft fuel, airport and its services, etc.