kinsect bonus insect glaive

You'll have to be proactive in marking the monster's head to reach that point in most hunts though.
Most movement values have been taken from Kiranico.It depends on multiple factors, but assuming that you're not having trouble with a monster, the answer leans towards "no".Does a bit of blunt damage.Kinsects, like weapons, can either do blunt damage (which stuns monsters) or cutting damage (which severs body parts).All three create Blast dust, which is slots bonus no wagering the most generally useful dust effect.Monster Hunter: World Kinsect guide!Don't get Orange extract unless you're in multiplayer.Mostly used to reposition mid combo?White - Increases movement speed and aerial jump distance.The Insect Glaive is an interesting weapon.Specific extract locations for non-DLC monsters can be found on Kiranico under each monster's "hit data" section.
As such, this guide won't even bother covering them.

Tire the monster out by stabbing it while avoiding its attacks and you'll be rewarded with a mount finisher as well as a lengthy knockdown.To get the most out of dust, set your Kinsect to attack the monster automatically.Kinsect Buffs, there are three buff types and an additional extract you can have your Kinsect grab.Strong Thrust (1211) - Weak but very fast.Dust Effect, basically, this is what your Kinsects dust does when you hit a monster with.8 Extract Locations for DLC Monsters and Zorah's magma cores Zorah Magdaros's magma cores: As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter where you hit these, the extract you get is determined randomly.The Kinsect is mainly used to offer an Insect Glaive user multiple buffs while fighting enemies.2 Moveset The Insect Glaive has two separate movesets: your moves with red extract, and your moves without.Red/White - 10 raw damage bonus.Buffs last for about 60 seconds and you can have all three buffs active at once.Lasts for 150 seconds.Legs, arms, and wings all count for this buff.0 Table of Contents: 1 Extracts 2 Moveset 3 The Kinsect 3a Kinsect Bonuses 3b Marking and Dust Effects 3c Recommended Kinsects 4 Mounting 4a Should I be trying to mount as IG?Multiplayer mount thresholds are too high for you to attempt a solo mount, so don't bother trying unless you see others using aerial attacks.How the Kinsect Works in Monster Hunter: World.