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Solar City, 12/76, 2 player version of car rental usa deposit Target Alpha.
2017 Stern/Whizz Bang Pinball - THE pabst CAN crusher pinball Don't see anything that interests you?This is actually a big development.Texan, 5/60, 4 wild wild west casino hotel atlantic city player, rules depositing two party checks 1100 produced, 2 gobble holes, 3 kick-out holes, roto-target.Most of these games do not have playfield specials!Swing Along, 7/63, 2 player, 4710 produced, NO gobble holes, 3 spinner targets.
Double Action, 12/58, 2 player, 1000 produced, 1 gobble hole, 4 flippers.
Shindig, 9/53, 1200 produced, C, 8 trap holes, reverse flippers.

Free Fall, 10/74, 1 player (add-a-ball version of Gottlieb Sky Jump).'Aloha', 11/61, 2 player, 1700 produced, 1 gobble hole, 2 kick-out holes.Cover Girl, 7/62, 2100 produced, 2 gobble holes.At participating locations only. .Replays only awarded based on score.Williams Beat Time, 9/67, 4 player.1993 Bally - judge dredd pinball.Original Displays used in Gottlieb Pinball Machines.Jungle Life, 1/73, 1 player AAB for Italy of Gottlieb Jungle/Wild Life.Package sold by weight, not volume. .Because of that, this game uses a ball collect tray (and hence no "balls played" lights) and does not have a game over relay.Card Whiz, 5/76, 2 player version of Gottlieb Royal Flush.