idex deposit not working

It offers fast exchange services and supports real-time trading in over 200 cryptocurrencies, in addition to Ethereum.
They are filled in accordance with the marginalen gold bonus conditions and immediately, respectively, but in the meantime the client can continue to trade, without having to wait for the order to settle.
Our guess is guts casino canada that it will attract serious traders, instead of the occasional trader who just wants to dabble in exchanging cryptocurrencies every now and again or just wants to buy some bitcoins.
Idex supports several types of orders limit order and market order.Idex Advantages - Good Platform.There are some, like Kraken, CexIo and bitFlyer who offer this type of trading.They amount.Gas Costs is the term used to denote the network mining and transfer fees on the Ethereum network.By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.Each trade bethard casino kontakt costs 140k gas.Idex does not support leveraged trading, much like most cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is an interesting offer, even though such unregulated ICOs are an extremely risky investment and have been warned against by numerous national financial regulators.Idex offers own e-wallet to its clients, which is rather convenient and is not offered by so many cryptocurrency exchanges.No news about idex.Users also cover the deposit gas fees.Fees, standard 1:1.2 taker,.1 maker, iDEX is a decentralized exchange on the DAO blockchain network (the one that supports the Ethereum coin).Top Posts From The r/auroradao Community.Several types of Orders.Obviously this type of traders are not the main target clients of idex and this is why it does not offer trading for fiat currencies.This is not a lot and is explained with the gas fees, but nevertheless, those are still limits.Due to the nature of idex's platform and order processing, the speed of trading is high, unlike on many other platforms which sometimes take hours or even days to complete the order.Idex has minimum withdrawal limits, too.
Unlike many exchanges, trading is done in real time and is as fast, as the client can trade.