Details such as the amount and the beneficiary are already filled out for you, making it a simple and fast way to pay that m casino las vegas restaurants helps to eliminate human error.
The law actually prohibits gambling companies from accepting payments with iDeal.
This actually works just like making a deposit with iDeal.Why cant I use this feature?This is separate from your current account level limits, which include the monthly and lifetime deposit limits that will be applied regardless of this card deposit limit.Then: Step 1, from the selection choose Bank transfer with sofort.As a recent adjustment the Dutch government has sharpened the deposit with iDeal at online gambling companies such as casinos and blackjack sites.Were currently testing our sofort deposit method, which will allow some of our European customers to deposit money directly to their Luno wallets without the need of a credit card.Enter your country and bank details in the fields provided.Step 3, continue to our card payment partner m to confirm the transaction.Right now there are no fees associated with depositing money into your Luno wallet.Step 5, youll be redirected to your banking platform.We apologize for this inconvenience.

We appreciate your patience while we complete these updates.Follow the instructions to authorise your transaction.So there is actually no need to worry that you cannot use iDeal anymore, we recommend you using sofort.This means that you can actually play your favorite Blackjack game right away.That means that you can start playing Blackjack within minutes after you signed.One of the easiest and fastest ways for Blackjack players to make deposits into their online casino accounts is by using sofort.These are the European countries currently supported by sofort: Austria.You can deposit up to EUR 1,000 per transaction over a 48-hour period, with a monthly card deposit limit of EUR 5,000.Follow the usual deposit method by choosing Deposit money from the More menu on your home screen.It is child proof because everything goes automatically and is extremely safe, the data is encrypted and sent to your bank.What you need to do in order to deposit is to select a bank just as you would at iDeal, but you will also be asked for a country, which is slightly different compared to iDeal.We have limited the number of people who have access to this feature during our testing phase to ensure we can provide an improved experience for all in the future.In response to this government adjustment, many Blackjack sites and online casinos have adjusted their deposit policy when it comes to depositing money.Making a credit or debit deposit.
This means that only a small selection of our European customers will have access to the sofort deposit method for now.