Disruption of the biosphere A collapse IS often sufficient TO sterilizegion perhaphousand light-years wide.
The two stars looped around each other on wild elliptical paths, taking just seconds to complete enable texture slot opengl a revolutionlike courting swallows, Madeleine thoughtbut the orbits changed rapidly, decaying as she watched, evolving into shallower ellipses, neat circles.
Once videoslots code tuesday there, it will mix with any oxygen present, Nemoto said.
BUT YOU ARE right, the Gaijin said.The ozone layer would be screwed by the gamma rays.With the Sun eclipsed by the shadow of the FGB module, she gazed out at the subtle light.AND some OF these stars ARE giants, doomed tapid evolution.But, Nemoto hissed, think what this world has that Earth doesnt share.Then, Madeleine snapped, why are they here?Death, on an interstellar scale.How long do you think?1000 their colonization wave front had reached as far as it could go, and they had inhabited every scrap of land.And if a colonizing bubble from another species was encountered, there were often ferocious wars.And that means that the leading edge, the colonizing wave, has to sweep on faster and faster, eating up worlds and stars and moving on to the next, because mompov reagan bonus of the pressure from behind.
Lots of it, Ben told her.

And if you ask me how I'm feeling.The inhabitants were choked, drowned, baked.Imagine this system fully populated, a long way behind the local colonization wave front, and surrounded by systems just as heavily populatedand armedas they were.Now a new image was overlaid on the swiveling Galaxy: a spark that flared, a bloom of lurid blue light that originated close to the crowded core.They knew that nobody would follow them to such a dangerous, unstable slum area as this.They grow, they consume, they arent too good at restraining themselves, because thats the way they are.But not infiniteand only six tenfold jumps away from ten billion.All we have to do is evade one collapseand gain the time to put aside the wars and the trashing, and get a little smarter, and learn how to run the Galaxy properly.And then, after the ripped-up worlds have lain fallow, after recovery through the slow processes of geology and biology, it all begins again, a cycle of slash and burn, slash and burn.Most of these cultures were self-limiting.She remembered Venus and Australia, the evidence of ancient wars even in the Solar Systemthe relics of a previous, long-burned-out colonization bubble.

The Sun was born out of such a cloud, Madeleine.
Lesser specieseven just a little behind in the race to evolve complexity and powerwould simply be overrun, their worlds and stars consumed.
Because they had no place else to go, Nemoto said.