1, details, first Win of the Day, objective: Win 1 matchmade game.
Also, I had a lot more but then had to delete it after I hit the maximum amount of characters (Yes, there is a max, I think it is 10,000, but I forget.
Is now considered a mission instead of a passive bonus.
universal rules Boards User Boards Discord Official NA Discord (m/invite/leagueoflegends) Discuss the redtracker - Dev - *The Game* rant(m/en/c/rant) Player Story, Art, Sound(m/en/c/story-art) Clash(m/en/c/clash) *Creative Corner* Concepts Streams Videos(m/en/c/league-videos) *Community* General Memes Games(m/en/c/memes) Esports(m/en/c/esports) Roleplay(m/en/c/roleplaying) Event Finder(m Mechs vs *Support* Ask the Report A Bug(m/en/c/bug-report).By the way I know that all of these are basic skills, but the are necessary to new players and help out a lot.Reward: 400 and.Patch History,.23 - November 29th, 2017, experience granted reduced to 400 from 575.Reset time reduced to 20 hours from.The mission cannot become available during a game.The, first Win of the Day is a daily mission that grants a reward upon winning insättning via automat a matchmade game.It becomes available at summoner level.Reward changed to 575 from 150.Release, first Win of the Day, winning a matchmade game grants 150.Thank you to everybody 3).Gaining the first win of day disables it for 22 hours.After completion, the mission is once again available after 20 hours.Please feel free to leave constructive criticism and more tips/tricks.Can no longer become available during a game.New Effect: Now grants.
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