hoi4 increase building slots cheat

Nomapicons Toggles map icons.
Make sure to type Maxslot.1 it needs the capital M to trigger.
If you do, please share them with us in the comments below, or send them to us via email and well gladly add them here.You can add as much manpower as you want.It was last updated for.3.The debug_nuking command is actually one of the best HOI4 cheats in my opinion, because it allows us to nuke any territory, no matter the current conditions.Dont forget to add the name of the actor and province ID next to the spawnactor command in the console.This will work with any mod that increases or lowers the max building slots in a state such as my 50 construction slot mods.(with the exception of convoy: 'ae 1000 convoy_1 To add ships, consider using instantconstruction(ic) (ic also effects AI).

Here are some explanations note.This includes new, old, and even destroyed theaters.For example, if you want to add 2000 political power, type pp 2000 into the console command window.In other words, this game allows you to use cheats, which is a rare thing in the current gaming landscape.Ships are also constructed instantly.You can do this by simply pressing on your keyboard.It is 100 compatible and works with any mod that edits the maps, states, or anything else.Executing the winwars command gives you the highest score, which is 100, on all the wars youre currently involved.Txt) cp amount Adds Command Power cp 100 (capped at 100) st amount Adds Stability st 100 (capped at 100) ws amount Adds War Support ws 100 (capped at 100) allowtraits Allows free assignment of general traits add_equipment(ae) equipment amount equipment name Adds equipment Equipment.Deleteallunits(delall) Delete all armies and fleets of the specified countries.0-50 morehumans(humans) num Adds more humans window(wnd) Arguments: open/close window gui name Opens or closes the specified window reloadinterface Reloads the entire interface reloadtechnologies Reloads the technology database updateequipments Updates the equipment database updatesubunits Updates the subunit database reloadoob Target Country Tag Reloads OOBs update_loc.Yml" for full list of names add_ideas idea name Adds ideas with id to the country See ideas within the respective country-file under.commonideas add_latest_equipment(ale) equipment amount Gives player amount of latest equipment variants reload file name Reloads assets reload loc (reloads localisation files) folding at home gpu slot setings reload focus.
2 instant_wargoal Will allow instant justificatiion of war goals on countries set_country_flag Country Flag Adds a country flag to currently played nation.
Teleport(tp) province_id Teleports selected armies or ships to the specified province theatersrebuild(trebuild) Rebuilds all theatres in the world.