hoi4 adding building slots

Entrenchment, improves fort amphibious combat, adds defense bonus Infantry Equipment, 30 Support Equipment Support, front line, all army. Engineers Field Hospital. 20 Manpower regained, -10 Experience lost from casualties Motorized, 30 Support Equipment Support, all army.
Combat stats edit set bonuses the surge Soft attack.
Stat Optimizations edit Often it is necessary to optimize a Division for a certain, likely battlefield or role.Give your nation a unique edge: Experience the flexible technology system, where all major powers get their own unique identity.Any movement progress is lost.Infantry Equipment Front line, foot infantry, all infantry, all army. Paratrooper Anti-Tank.6.5.10.Note that there is additional XP loss for bringing in reinforcements.Heavy SP Artillery All armor, all army.0/6.0/ 600.0 Heavy SP Artillery Super Heavy SP Artillery. much damage a unit can do against enemy airplanes.HP (manpower role) and equipment are also tied to "strength" in the game.

And when I've done that planning when I've formulated my character sheet, as it were I have the utmost confidence that Hearts of Iron 4 will be ready for me to play a role in world affairs.Light SP Anti-Air 50 Soft Atk.Understrength stats edit When a division is understrength its stats are reduced in the principle of how many troops are present to operate how much available equipment.Rocket Artillery Support, artillery, all army. Rocket Artillery Recon. 1 Recon Infantry Equipment, 10 Support Equipment Support, front line, all army.3.0.0 Recon Engineers. 5 Max.Softness) with the attacker's soft attack to find out how many attacks are made against the division.The division travels at the speed of its slowest battalion.Incorporating a Maintenance support company (reference Support Companies technology ) into your division will grant a bonus to each equipment type's reliability.Divisions with low hardness will suffer more soft attacks and fewer hard attacks.These are found as additional research option tabs on the tank icon in the research tree.Excess of either is returned to the global pool.Hardness Rating edit This is entirely based on how mechanized the army.
As their name implies, Marines are best for the job, followed by baseline infantry.

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