Ai Toggles the AI good ways to bet on roulette on or off human_ai Toggles AI for Human countries ai_invasion Toggles AI AI naval invasions ai_accept(yesman) Toggles AI always accept diplomacy fow(debug_fow) (Province ID) optional Turns off fog of war in a province or in general collision(debug_collision) Toggles debug display.
Add_state_core 345 Adds a core for the current scope to the specified state.
Remove_ideas_with_trait Removes all ideas for the current scope that use the specified trait.
1.3 Buildings edit Name Parameters Examples Description Notes Version Added add_building_construction type string The building to add.Add_nuclear_bombs 100 Adds specified number of nukes to the country's stockpile Needs the Nuke tech to use.Useful in civil wars and when countries split.Can be used as a scope to add multiple at once.1.0 set_province_name id id The id of the province to be changed.1.0 set_capital scope / variable The state to make capital.Multiple can be defined.Possible relations: non_aggression_pact guarantee puppet military_access docking_rights.0 add_opinion_modifier target scope The target country.Defender scope state id / variable The defender state.Set_country_leader_ideology socialism Changes the country leader's government type for the current scope.1.0 create_faction string The name of the faction.Freedom_level float The new freedom level value.
Add_core_of SOV Adds a core for the specified country on the current scope.
Set_province_name id 325 name "Funland" Changes the specified province's name to the specified name.

Multiple Playing Options, unlike other games, Hearts of Iron IV (HoI4) can be played in number of ways.Yml" for full list of names add_ideas (idea name) Adds ideas with to the country See ideas within the respective country-file under.commonideas add_latest_equipment(ale) (equipment amount) Gives best in slot guardian druid trinkets 7 3 player amount of latest equipment variants reload file name Reloads assets reload loc (reloads localisation files) reload focus (reloads.On_cancel id The event to fire for the attacker on a draw.Nopausetext Toggles the pausebanner for nicer screenshots.Add_ace name "Amelia" surname "Earhart" callsign "Revenant" type fighter_genius is_female yes Adds an ace for the current scope.Unlock_decision_tooltip my_decision Displays a special tooltip for the specified decision in the effect tooltip.1.5 clr_unit_leader_flag flag The unique string of a unit leader flag to clear.
Female bool The gender of the leader.