Use Flamethrower when they're backed against a wall.
Time is short and there are lots of spies hidden in the area.
You pick pockets, hide, poison and use Sniper Rifles.
Poison Gas, cluster Grenade, shrapnel Grenade, high Explosive Grenade.Use bridges to Snipe from.This is a good career if you can aim long-range well and can help on levels where your normal weapons cannot hit your enemies.To see all the FMV scenes on the game use the team name prying pigs, use the team name watta pork to see an extra scene.Long Range, mortar, bazooka, air Cluster, homing Missile.7.Pick the pockets of enemy Spies to leave them weaponless, then concentrate on the others.

Flamethrower makes easy work of tanks/artilleries etc.Stand way back with your Gunners and use trees, hills, ditches etc to avoid Heavy Machine Gun fire from Pillboxes.Use mardy pigs to unlock the secret Team Lard.You don't need all pigs to cross minefields and there are no long range weapons.They can also hide disguised spelande kort as crates or trees.Blow the door of the storage shed early on with some TNT so you can collect the guided missiles that get dropped.Watch out for the enemy snipers.I do miss not having the Pick pocket!I have not made it so far and would welcome any tips from somebody who has!Mission 17: Easy completion: It seems like of the two promotion points promised, it actually gives you only one of them.Try to grab the air strike that drops down as a crate on the left of the battlefield before they.However, these types of pigs have low health, only basic attack weapons like a knife and rifle, and are not good for combat.If you have aimed far too high, then at least press X when the shell is directly above the target to detonate the small bombs.Mission 23: Heroes Warship edit, turn Time : 30 seconds, enemies : 4 Heroes (all hidden your Pigs : 2 Heroes, 3 Level 3 Pigs OR 3 Heroes and 2 Level 3 Pigs.Heavy Weapons Specialist Gunner - Bombardier - Pyrotech These guys are able to use long range weapons like bazookas and mortars.
Use super TNT to blow the crate with the extra PP and the mash tent if required.
You can employ good tactics.