Additional Tips and Tricks, swab the deck!
Winter is here and Lisa has to renew her wardrobe, because all her winter clothes are boring.
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So design an outfit that really knocks one out of the park!; Zoo Hockey Head to the zoo and challenge all of the animals to a nice game of air hockey!
Do you have what it takes to score?; Snowboard Safari Avoid the penguins, bears, saber tooth tigers, snow mobiles and walruses.

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Click on the basket on the left side of the counter to restock the inflatable balls.

Click on the matching products, then click on the customer to bring them their order.
All-Star Deluxe Bowler, Bally, 1/58, aka All-Star Bowler Super Bowler, two player, pinball sized bowlers (5 1/2 feet long with a ball that actually hits the pins, scores regulation bowling points.