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To Half or Half Not Pictures of famous celebrities had their faces mirrored, and the slot med musslor vacker bergsnatur sjöjungfru team had to identify three out of five of them in 30 seconds.
The seventh and eighth matches won merchandise prizes, and if a team matched all nine pictures before time ran out they won a grand prize.
Episodes of Get the Picture could be watched on Nick's own TurboNick service from 20International versions edit The United Kingdom had its own version on Nickelodeon.
The Great Frame Game.Giving the required amount of correct answers won a team 40, and the team was able to complete as many lines as there were correct answers in the question.One player drew the clue that was on the card (always shown to the home audience and the partner had to identify it in 20 seconds.Scrambled Pictures A cartoon was out of place, and the team had to identify it in 15 seconds.A toss-up picture was played at the beginning of the game for 20 points.The round continued until time ran out.Down in Front People danced in front of music videos and the team had to identify the artists in them.In the event of a tie, one final puzzle was played with the speed-up rules; whichever team guessed it correctly won the game.Once the four dots on the outside of the square were connected, the part of the image hidden behind the square was revealed.
" and "Marge and Homer Simpson ".
Computer Printout A picture was shown by "printing" (beginning in top like a computer).

Power Surges randomly hidden on the board.Every Power Surge took place at center stage.Rear Window Contestants looked out the rear-window of moving binoculars.The team playing had 30 seconds to toss computer chips in an attempt to flip over the nine-game pieces.The team had to identify five within 30 seconds.The redesigned version for Season Two had a massive logo that took up the entire board.The team had to identify three celebrities within 30 seconds.The team had to identify five pictures within 15 seconds (20 in the second season.) Mike's Photo Album The team was shown pictures of world landmarks with things blocking them (usually Mike's traveling companion Scooter Fishman) and they had to identify five of them.The team had to identify three pictures in 30 seconds.This time the Power Surges were played at center stage and involved the players doing some sort brohoff slot golf of physical activity in order to reveal pieces of a picture puzzle.This article is about the children's game show.Find it in a Crowd Played similar to "Find the Chiphead the team was shown a wearable object on the Videowriter, and then a picture of an audience.Using a telestrator called the "Videowriter the team had to circle eight people with chip-type heads in 30 seconds.Off the Charts The team was given a word search puzzle resembling an eye chart and they had to find four words with a common theme in 30 seconds with clues placed around the puzzle for assistance.
Hosted by, mike O'Malley, the show features two teams answering questions and playing games for the opportunity to guess a hidden picture on a giant screen made up of 16 smaller screens.
The spots were not all in order, however.