The Cerebus Retcon shows the fight between him and Simon, albeit in much less detail (though from what little could be gathered, it could be Poor Communication Kills involving Kim).
"It was a baby!" (hysterical sobbing) The woman had smothered her child.
Memory-Doom: I, Doom, am completely unaffected by these wretched rodents!
However, the memory has been artificially and obviously altered.When Jay and Silent Bob later get trapped in it with them as well, Randal explains to them how they were trapped by painting a ridiculous flashback where he's a millionaire philanthropist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and happened to get locked.The Professor then recalls that Jojo was responsible for the Chemical X being added to the girls' makeup.Him not recalling that implies that she exaggerated."The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist." - Barriers to Trans-Dimensional Travel.Fan Works In Those Who Stand for Nothing Fall for Anything while drunk, L relates to Light (and B who is listening in) on how he blackmailed a girl in order to get his current position.Fallout 4, skirmish Line, nieR: Automata, just Cause.
She told her mother, Lucia, who didn't believe her.

Blue has Sarge do this at the start of season seven when he recalled how they deleted the record of the Blues from Command's computer, with his modifications including killing Grif and Simmons turning into a motorcycle.This is actually brought up in the movie, as we see Jojo wreaking havoc as the Professor is working.The Lottery Ticket Paradise Pet Salon Magic Match Adventures Paranormal Agency bästa spel att vinna pengar på Drawn: The Painted Tower Princess Isabella: A Witchs Curse Westward IV: All Aboard Sky Force Anniversary Pirateville Agatha Christie: Dead Mans Folly Coyotes Tale: Fire and Water Delicious: Emilys Taste of Fame Megaplex Madness.Black-Four believed he was angry at Black-Three for the latter ratting out his relationship with One, but in reality Four ratted out Three and One out of jealousy towards their relationship.Raw 2007 Hitman 4 Blood Money Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Alien Shooter 2 Tactical Ops Assault on Terror Resident Evil 3: Nemesis World Cup Cricket 20-20 Iron Storm Moto Racer 3 Crazy Taxi 3 To the Moon Zuma Sparkle Zuma Star Wars.In Smashtasm, Super64, realizing he's in trouble, remembers 1337f0x saying "If you ever need me, just call." Link (who is not the actual Link, just a roleplayer convinced he is) takes notice of this and reminds him that 1337f0x said no such thing.

At first united in prison, the two have an argument where each claims a story of an "ice glass" incident when they were waitressing happened to each of them.
In Harvey Bullock's spoken account of the events he tries to paint himself as a brave hero and Batman as a menace, while the animation shows him bumbling around and Batman doing all the work.
In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode "Will Goes a Courtin a pool party Will and Carlton threw without Uncle Phil's permission leads to them going to civil court over unpaid rent.