For those of you that have only seen this on the scratchy, English-dubbed widescreen print from Something Weird Video, I would advise that you purchase the pristine English-subtitled widescreen DVD from Celestial Pictures/Image Entertainment.
Also starring Charles Borromel ( white apache - 1987 Kasimir Berger, Goffredo Unger ( devil fish - 1984 Cindy Leadbetter ( emanuelle AND THE last cannibals - 1977) and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo by future director Michele Soavi ( THE church - 1989) as a biker.
A group of tenants, led by former boxer Clutch (co-scripter Nick Damici gay friend Coco (Ron Brice Kay (Bo Corre) and her sickly son Otto (Javier Picayo Charlie (Larry Fleischman) and several others, band together as all of Manhattan is thrown into chaos when thousands.
but the Principal hands him the keys to all the doors and tells Elke to take a chill pill.THE X-files tried a Chupacabra episode and it was one of their weaker efforts.You'll see bingo server mc heads cracked open repeatedly with a shovel, a guy's crotch ripped out, a beheading and other bloody killings.It's one of those films that could have only come from the 80's and if you like horror films that make you laugh unintentionally (the makeup effects are excellent, though you're gonna love this one.This is a really minor slasher flick that can be skipped by everyone but those that have to see every slasher film ever made.Waldemar also knows that Erika is evil (even Mircaya warns him but he finds her friend Karen irresistible and they fall in love.Sure, they are nothing but killing machines, but where did they come from?When Michael died, Roberta continued making porn films and then, starting in the mid-80's began directing and photographing a series of exploitation and horror films, which included the superior tenement: game OF survival (1985 THE oracle (1985 blood sisters (1987 prime evil (1988 the rarely-seen.This is Bashams only starring role.Sell utilizes fisheye lenses, quick editing and slow-motion photography when Rocky uses his psychotronic powers, but the rest of the film is bogged-down by the minutiae, as Sell slowly lingers the camera on such things as cutting hair, putting a key in a car's ignition.Michael is told that the urn contained the spirit of Mater Lachrymarum, the "Mother of Tears a demon that brings nothing but sadness and death wherever she goes.That's when Ed notices that a battleaxe is missing from it's place on the wall.There is plenty of nudity on view but, just when the killings are about to get interesting, there are huge jump cuts, especially in the beheading, shaving and electrocution segments. .The finale shows Joe making the ultimate (and heartbreaking) sacrifice while Beth has a surprise of her own.starts a campfire with gasoline (it's funny as hell) and discusses John's valuable fossil collection and the merits of jurassic park (Donnie says, "Big lizards don't scare me!
She then slices up her daughter's neck with a sickle after catching her performing witchcraft in the basement.
Zhihong is repeatedly attacked and humiliated by street thugs and prostitutes (One street gang strips him naked and steals all his money he had hidden in his sneaker) and he is getting sick and tired of it, so he decides to use the snakes.

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While Waldemar chows-down on the peasant population (he nearly kills Karen, but Mircaya chases him away with the silver cross Erika kills Barbara and uses her blood, along with the medallion, to revive Countess Bathory.