gopro hero 5 black charging port cover

To keep the internals of the camera free of water, GoPro has more greatly reinforced the battery, microSD and connection port covers compared to previous models to keep them sealed.
Putting aside the outlier Hero Session, the Hero 5 Black sees the first drastic re-design to GoPros main range of cameras, which is both good and bad; mainly good, however.
Having waited this long for GoPro to finally embrace micro-USB ports in place of mini-USB, the company has now moved onto USB Type-C instead.This is because the Hero 5 Black is a few millimetres bigger in all casino slot games free dimensions than the Hero 4 Black when outside of its waterproof case.In addition, the Hero 4 Black was waterproof only in the dedicated case, whereas the new camera is waterproof without the need for any additional housing.So when I booked in two weeks in Vietnam, I figured it would be opportune to break out what was then GoPros best camera to date for another spin.What is the GoPro Hero 5 Black?Related: Best GoPro accessories: Must-have mounts and accessories to improve your footage Overall, I love the new design of the Hero 5 Black.It retains its familiar rectangular shape, but the Hero 5 Black is now coated in a grippy, rubberised material.Sometimes taps at the screen arent registered, but more often my problem was with swiping into the screen from the edges.Having now used the Hero 5 Black for a few months, its build quality has largely stood up to the bumps and knocks in use.The dual microphones were also great when sat on a speedboat or when cruising through Ho Chi Minh City on a moped.My issues with the touchscreen responsiveness still remain, even though there have been firmware updates since my original review some of which were supposedly designed to address the issue.It made keeping people at home updated really easy (also known as #holidayspam).

Im not sure what was causing it, either.Its not all perfect, though.The dimensions of the camera have changed, which could mean it might not play well with a select few older accessories and mounts.It takes the best features from previous-generation GoPro cameras and combines them together in a single unit and adds a smattering of new functions too.Top this lot off with electronic image stabilisation (finally!Buy now: GoPro Hero 5 Black, the GoPro Hero 5 Black lets you get some creative close-ups.
During those two weeks, I used the GoPro Hero 5 Black in a number of different scenarios and with a range of mounts.
Buy now: GoPro Hero 5 Black And yes, you read that right.

Fortunately, this only happened twice.
If youre on a bike, for example, the camera can intelligently swap to the rear microphone for less wind noise.