Fruit Slice Dojo Mania : Arcade, vintage, relax, follow us: Follow us to get updates of upcoming games.
You can with play different backgrounds dash.
Amazing 3D graphics and sounds.
So many juicy levels in this cut where fruits games to enjoy with.More interesting thing is when slicing the fruits the splashes of juice spread on the background wall.Play, Compete and Share with your friends.To score high you need to slice fruits as much as you can.Fruit Slice Dojo Mania the best fruit slicing, it's free game, Enjoy more sweet and delicious game.To play, fruit Slice Dojo Mania, just cut fruits in Dojo or Ninja style.Facebook: m/gameturbate, instagram: m/gameturbate, we will keep updating the Fruit Slice Dojo 3D by fixing bugs adding features, so keep your game app always updated.Awesome hd graphics for a cut to fruit in 3d which provides real slicing experience.Futures of, fruit Slice Dojo Mania : Fun and Free game.Vintage mode complete level in 60 sec with high score.To find more fun and interest just slice more more fruits, but remember one thing don't slice the bomb.Easy and fun to play, even more, fun when you master with skills.How to play, fruit Slice Dojo Mania 3D : To play Vintage mode be aware from bomb score high in limited blades.Are you a Fruit Slasher Ninja?Freeze mode help to rich the high score.
To score high get 3 hit combo, 4 hit comb or more.
Fruit Slice Mania 3D has many types of fruit's like watermelon, orange, pineapple, kiwi, banana, etc.

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