Fortnite, battle Royale contains a variety of weapons and this page lists every weapon in Fortnite along with their weapon stats like damage, DPS, fire rate, magazine size, and reload speed.
There are five color rarities, each becoming stronger than the previous weapon.Our Fortnite weapons list has every currently available weapon along with their stats.It's weird, almost every button seems to be default pc controls but left shift does not do anything.Can anyone confirm this for me?In Fortnite Battle Royale, with only 5 slots in your inventory, what you choose to keep is a matter of life and death.As far as programming buttons to mouse: No you can not program buttons to your mouse using this setup. .I do not know if its just a problem with my setup, but if you can't sprint, there is no purpose of using this setup.Fortnite Battle Royale Vault for a list!Plug a keyboard straight into the Xbox one and try to sprint.The keyboard is seen as a separate input from the xim4/apex mouse.Fire Rate.5.5.5 Mag Size 8 8 8 Reload Speed.3.0.7 Pump Shotgun g g Damage 80 85 Headshot 160 170 DPS.5 Fire Rate.7.7 Mag Size 5 5 Reload Speed.8.8 Heavy Shotgun g g Damage.5.Up-to-date stats to reflect changes in the latest game release.
Fortnite Weapon Rarity edit, weapons in Fortnite do not level up and the power of each weapon all depends on the rarity they hold when you find them.

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Keep in mind, getting the legendary assault rifle (the scar!) will do more damage than the grey common variety, but a better player can still get the jump on you.This material is not official and is not endorsed by Epic.Disclaimer, this app is an unofficial fan content app for Fortnite Battle Royale.I could not find any way to sprint.All contents strictly adhere to the fan content policy as stated in m/about/fan-art-policy.This app will show you the stats for all weapons and items, including: * Damage Per Second * Reload Time * Damage * Magazine * Fire Rate, key Features * All weapons are categorized based on their class for convenient browsing.If you have it connected to XIM4/Apex, programming the corresponding keys from the keyboard plugged straight into the xbox one to the mouse does not work.Left shift does not work fifa 17 pc accidentally saved wrong slot with any of the keyboards i tried. .Reload Speed - - Explosive Weapons edit Rocket Launcher g g Damage DPS.5.75 Fire Rate.75.75.75 Mag Size 1 1 1 Reload Speed.8.66.52 Grenade Launcher g g g Damage DPS Fire Rate 1 1 1 Mag Size.
Starting with the weakest on the left and the best weapon on the right, weapons come in the following rarities: g g g g g, common, no man's sky repair ship slots uncommon, rare, epic, legendary.
Remember, Damage and Damage Per Second (DPS) will be important as a Rocket Launcher may have a high damage output but its DPS will be lower due to its clip size and slow fire rate.

Assault Rifles edit, assault Rifle g g g g g, damage, headshot DPS 165 170.5 181.5 192.5 198 Fire Rate. Mag Size Reload Speed. Burst Assault Rifle g g g g g Damage Headshot DPS 141.74.
If you connect mouse straight to Xbox one X, it does not do anything.
Weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale are color-coded based on their rarity and power level.