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Bonus draenor mining deposit Maps contain new battlefields for you to fight on and new characters to recruit.
By parleying with a bonus team on the world map, the player can pay a sum of gold to directly recruit the bonus unit, challenge the team to a skirmish with the reward of recruiting the bonus unit for free, buy items from them, view.Bonus Items can be obtained only once.You have to fully defeat a team and its leader (listed below) to recruit the leader.Iron Bow, nino, silver Sword, killing Edge, levin Sword.Pair Up and, dual systems and will still give and receive a 10 hit rate Dual bonus (or more, if Dual Support casino blog post is used).In addition to battling the team and/or hiring the teams leader, players may also purchase items from these teams.Silver Sword, armourslayer, silver Axe Short Axe Killer Axe Jaffar Silver Sword atea bonus för sina antällda 2016 Killing Edge Killer Bow Bolganone Lyn Silver Sword Levin Sword Silver Lance Silver Axe Silver Bow Killer Bow Physic Hector Silver Sword Levin Sword Silver Lance Killer Lance Silver Axe Short Axe Hectors.
Contents, mechanics, arthur is a typical example of a legacy bonus unit's portrait.

Players can purchase any of the items possessed by the team, except special and legendary items.Additionally, saved bonus units and the save file's avatar can have their Logbook entry manually updated to include any changes in class, level, stats or skills.The Logbook has a maximum capacity of 99 bonus units; units can be deleted from the Logbook at any time.DLC bonus characters are not handled through this means; instead, at the end of their respective DLC episode, the player is prompted as to whether or not they wish to recruit them.Bonus Box content is free.Only one of each item may be purchased, even if the team has multiple. Sooner or later you will be able to download them.Awakening -owning friends and their favorite characters from the rest of the series playable, as a form of fan service.Note : Additional members of the most recent bonus team are given at random, so you may not be able to summon every member here.
Bonus units saved in the Avatar Logbook can be directly re-hired into any save file for a fee calculated based on their accrued stats and skills.
Bonus Items in the, bonus Box menu and get your free swag.

Credits: FEA 2ch strategy wiki, bonus Teams may appear on the world map after being summoned from the, bonus Box or after tagging another player via.