fel iron deposit tbc

Ungoro Crater: just go round and round the crater, making sure you drop down into The Slithering Scar and take a detour into Fire Plume Ridge.
Tanaris: bit of a long one this, but can be well worth.There is a cave there, that is full 7 din bonus of spiders and a quest ore called Incendicite.Another good run in this area is the GolBolar Quarry.Mining Mining Thorium Estimated number of nodes to mine 160 This is the reason you took up mining, Thorium.Fel Iron Ore, hellfire Penninsula, hellfire Penninsula is the best place where you can farm Fel Iron.Have a quick run into the cave here and pick the couple veins that normally spawn here.Now head back to the Dark Portal to complete your circuit.Drop down into the valley and pick up the nodes in the cave and then back up into Sunspring Post.You may also want to drop into the Ruins of Eldarath and pick up the couple of nodes that spawn there.So start at Auberdine and head directly east until you reach the cliffs at the edge of the map.Now follow the cliffs west all the way to Kargath (or just before it, if Alliance) and back down to Apocryphens Rest.The guide is available for both Horde and Alliance.Follow cliffs west to Dabyries Farmstead and then head south past Refuge Point and back down to Thandoll Span.Click here to visit beat the slots in vegas Zygor's 1 - 120 Leveling Guide.Easiest route is to just follow the main road round in a circuit.
Now head east following the road down towards Telaar.
Eastern Plaguelands: start at Tyrs Hand and head north past Lights Hope Chapel.

I use Zygor's guide for leveling and I highly recommend.This is an Alliance only quest, but Horde can still mine the ore.Second place is Lethlor Ravine.Carry on over the road and across the top of the canyon and on to the coast.Start at the entrance to Zangarmarsh and head east past the Laughing Skull Ruins and on toward the Throne of Elements.Carry on until you hit the main road then head North up to the Frostmane Hold.When you get the north of the Logging Camp head South.Carry on into the Mistvale Valley, now heading west towards the main road.Carry on going north until you reach Northwatch Hold and then head up to the Raptor Hills and the Quilboar Village.My favorite routes are: Start at the gates of Orgrimmar and head East towards Skull Rock (make sure you go into Skull Rock and mine the ore there too).
Youll get about 25-30 copper ores on this route.

Now follow cliff face all way to Camp Boff, past Agmonds End.
Azshara isnt the greatest place to mine Thorium, due to its natural geography, but that does mean its less popular and therefore your likely to have less competition.
Following the edge of the world round in an anti-clockwise fashion round the back of the Dark Portal and loop round.