Coldain Expedition Guards 100 Lowers Coldain faction, good for pet classes, but can be tough if under-geared 56-59 - Kael Drakkal Arena 3) Frost Giants 113 Lowers Frost Giant faction, slowers on the lower-end (level-wise) may have difficulty landing slows; XP is decent and there's.
38-42 - Rathe Mountains #19 Hill Giants 100 Hill Giants drop a lot (20?
There are a few upsides to this location; the first of which is the basilisks drop Basilisk Eggs which are used in Baking and can sell for a decent amount in The Bazaar.100 From boat keep water on your left until you get to the hills, then go right to the Mudhole.Be wary of aoe dispel spamming chromodracs.South Ro (Field Killing/Camps) Solo/Boxer/Group moderately social - The crocodiles by the docks make a great location Lavastorm (Field Killing) Solo/Boxer/Group social - Will be some of the fastest XP during wow feral druid pve best in slot trinket these levels but also quite difficult - lavastorm is kind of a high risk.These ZEMs are known to be out of date and inaccurate, but no better information exists.Learn the pathing mobs in your fight area before you start pulling.

Charm the seahorse there, then wait bingo rimer smoothie snoop for the pather to enter sveriges snabbaste casino the room and use the two to kill each other, then repeat on other rooms, using Calm Animal to split three-seahorse room; always try and stay in a corner and gate out or Leatherfoot.96.5 Jolly Jester.5 Jonny Specter.48 Journey of the Sun.5 Jumpin Rabbit 95 Jungle.43 Jungle Jim.98 Jurassic Jackpot.54 Jurassic Park.67 K9 Capers.48 Karate Pig.52 Kathmandu.29 King Cashalot.45 Kings and Queens.21 Kings of Cash.You can loot the item yourself and sell an MQ for the quest or you can auction the item off and sell loot rights.Assorted 200 Skeletons are not social Hunting Spots 10-14 Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Notes (on f Nektulos Forest Ruins near East Commonlands Zombies Western Karana #3, #6, and #16 Bandits 100 Good for Enchanters; Save Bandit Sashes for.Kerrans 120 Good for Enchanters 19-21 - Paineel?Barbarians 1 - 15, everfrost Peaks 8 -.96.66 Gift Rap.62 Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn.26 Girls with Guns Jungle Heat.55 Gladiator.01 Gladiators Gold.89 Glory of Rome.36 Goblins Gold.24 Gold.5 Gold Coast.5 Gold Factory 96 Gold Mine 96 Golden Dragon 93 Golden Era.Try to look for a group here if you aren't a boxer.Mistmoore (Dungeon Crawl) Solo moderately social - This won't have many groups in my experience but it makes a great location for boxers or those with a few boxes and ready to recruit anyone who stops by!Monk can solo at 58/59 depending on gear.Lake of Ill Omen Around windmill Goblins, Sarnaks, Sabre-tooth Tigers, etc.42-50 - Emerald Jungle Any zone wall Apes, raptors, tigers, and leaches 100 Good for enchanters 42-51 - Everfrost Ice giant castle near Permafrost Ice giants 100 Ice giants drop a lot of coin, and are on a 7 minute timer 43-52 - Lake.133 Good for Druid animal charming (fish, sharks, seahorses are charmable Enduring Breath required, worn effect strongly encouraged.Lowers Kerra Isle faction 16-18 - Lavastorm Mountains Near zone-in a fire elemental, a lava crawler, a lava basilisk, etc?City of Mist Stables Assorted 113 Golem levels: Fog Mist Vapor Haze Eastern Wastes #4, Frost Giant Fort Frost Giants 100 Good for Druids (especially with Luminescent Staff ) and Wizards for quadding; see this guide for further details 44-52 - Grobb Entrance Bouncer Sutok.
100 Lots of animals, which would normally be good for Druids, except that they have abnormally high resist rates 12-16 - Ocean of Tears Sisters Island 10) Sister of Erollisi?
High Keep (Dungeon Crawl) Boxer/Group moderately social - In the basement you can find goblins to kill Upper Guk (Dungeon Crawl) Boxer/Group social - If you want a group this is one of the places to look in this level range.

Skeletal guardian 113 Good for warriors, as nearby LFG casters may buff/heal Howling Stones Basement?
113 Lowers Venril Sathir (Faction), requires Key to Charasis * All experience bonuses are per the Recommended Levels and ZEM List, except that they've been converted in to percentages (with 75 ZEM 100 of normal XP bonus).
A sabertooth cat, a sabertooth tigress 87 Good for Druids and Shaman 14-19 - Northern Karana?