eq off slot items

Inside function ShopModule:callbackOnSell(cid, itemid, subType, amount, ignoreCap, inBackpacks) change if(doPlayerRemoveItem(cid, itemid, amount, subType) then to if(doPlayerRemoveItem(cid, itemid, amount, subType, true) then that extra parameter sets ignoreEquipped to true, which in turn should only remove from everywhere else but your eq slots.
The eight armor slots may have one of four types of armor: cloth, leather, mail, and plate.
I tried to get my brother to get me a drachnid candle from sabatoge but it was to dang rare.Neck Neck items category Equipment names amulet, lei, talisman, medallion, necklace, charm, choker, chain, pendant, collar.Item_slot slot:1 item:type:diamond amount:3 data:5. 07:29 PM #1, item slot-numbers, i've seen a few macros that uses a number instead of writing in the full name of the item you want it to use.Palarran, 07:04 PM, lucy posts stats at 100 app paddy power casino power.These slot designations are particularly handy for engineers whose Tinker enhancements and Engineering-only items add and/or posses an "on use" ability for items in the Back, Belt, Foot and Head slot that would not normally posses such capability for non-engineers.Item_slot Item Slot OldItem, parameter, parameter value, description item item: Item Item to put into provided slot item AIR.I'll get more info on this and the way i understand this should be doable by aoh.If your looking for something grouppable till you get what you want with dkp.Decorative Decorative items only have one type, so there will be nothing in the "type" spot in item tooltips.Rrasis, 11:13 AM had no idea about the sabotage hadnt done it in quite a while.Tabard Tabard items category Shirt Shirt items category Other Bag Removed The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.
Upgrades Gems Back Back items category Equipment names cape, blanket, cloak, drape, mantle Upgrades Back enchants, Gems, Embroideries (Tailors only Tinkers (Engineers only) Finger Finger items category Equipment names ring, band, signet, seal, loop, circle.

Winenose, juego de casino gratis hot hot volcano 04:13 AM, what are the min stats if you're alone in a zone?Thanks for the info, its very helpful.Item_slot slot:1 item:type:diamond amount:3 data:5 name:Power crystal.Thanks for clearing.Weadiienae of the Nameles, 10:22 AM, wailing Shard off Familiar Venomtail is good.Use item "AIR" (or "null to clear provided slot.Each class may equip only certain types of armor.Off-Hand ( One-Hand / Two-Hand ) Off-hand items category Weapon types Axe, Dagger, Held In Off-hand, Fist weapon, Mace, Shield, Sword Upgrades Enchantments, Counterweights, Weapon Chains, Shield Spike The Off Hand slot can hold off hand or one-handed weapons ( Dual wielding classes only shields.
Head items category, equipment names helm, helmet, mask, lens, monocle, cap, headpiece, crown, circlet, shroud, cowl, hood, headband, goggles, coif, headdress, chapeau, barbute.
Wodun, 02:13 AM not 100 sure but its something around 337 on the leaf.

Reply With", 07:35 PM #2, re: Item slot-numbers, here you go: m/InventorySlotId 0 ammo 1 head 2 neck 3 shoulder 4 shirt 5 chest 6 belt 7 legs 8 feet 9 wrist 10 gloves 11 finger 1 12 finger 2 13 trinket 1 14 trinket.
If a two-handed weapon is equipped in the main hand slot, this slot must be empty unless the character is a Fury warrior with Titan's Grip.