So we set up an oversight authority to manage the government purchasing managers.
Put it all together and what it accomplishes is tremendous.
Because of the whip of the shareholder value imperative, people bend betonline deposit bonus code the rules or break them or change them to make things happen.It means being as creative and relentless as Jane.Or 10.Act in the best interests of the American taxpayer; were watching you.The worst enemy of purchasing is box-ticking and were doing everything to kill.In cases of fraud and abuse, this body is prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner (you can appeal a small panel's decision to a bigger panel, and then to Federal courts).You also get a year off.But thats not the only thing they.
So here's the plan: Abolish all rules on government contracting.
Walmart didn't become Walmart just by "driving a hard bargain on prices they became Walmart by reinventing supply chain management, logistics, information technology, etc.-and then reinventing them again.

Government purchasing becomes ruthlessly efficient, which drives efficiency both ways: inside government, and throughout the sectors of the economy that depend on government.The GE policy is "20-70-10 fire the bottom 20, give a bonus to the top.Every single one of them.Expensify, it goes public the next day.If you're a former government purchasing manager, why would you go work for Giant Hospital Corp to screw the taxpayer, when you've got a better offer from every Fortune 1000 to run paypal casino sverige their purchasing? .This authority does not spell out rules.Fraudsters will not just be punished, they will be shamed.Everybody agrees government contracting a terrible mess, money is wasted, and it leads to terrible corruption.This is why the Two Rules-and only the Two Rules-are such an important feature of the system, and why it needs to be driven by judgment and not abstract rules.Like chief judges, they ride circuit.After a while, government buying isn't ff14 reward bonus just "less wasteful"-it becomes qualitatively different.
If youre making purchasing decisions for the government, one day, when you dont expect it, youll get a visit from three of them.
In creative work, the people who matter are not the top 10, they're the top 1, who are 10 times better than the 98th percentile.