draenor bonus quests

As the month of February continues, we are entering our next bonus event: the Draenor Dungeon event.
Curse, help, register, sign In, a Bunch of Artifact Fragments, ashran.
Draenor (Quests) vinstskatt poker 10 Cut off the Head Defeat all of the rare creatures in Shattrath City listed below.These objectives cannot be abandoned, but will disappear if a player leaves the area without completing them.Patch changes Edit References Edit See also Edit External links Edit Achievements.Spoiler: Tanaan Jungle (Level 90-92, 100 last edited by, power on, 20:13:58; edited 6 times in total.Banned user, status: Offline (since 15:33 joined:, posts: 432, Topics: 103.Draenor (Quests) 10 Draenor (Quests) 10 Draenor (Quests) 10 The Power Is Yours Combine the effects of all three types of Rune Crystals in Shattrath City.A Few Artifact Fragments, ashran.
Draenor (Quests) 25 Rumble in the Jungle Complete all of the Tanaan Jungle achievements listed below.
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Draenor (Quests) 10 Buried Treasures Find all of the Warsong objects within Mok'gol Watchpost Draenor (Quests) 10 Burn It to the Ground Burn 100 trees in the Everbloom Wilds.Draenor (Quests) 10 Draenor (Quests) 10 Draenor (Quests) 10 Rumble in the Jungle Complete all of the Tanaan Jungle achievements listed below.Points: 10, category: Draenor, main category: Quests, complete the Assault on the Dark Portal.A Demidos of Reality, defeat Demidos, Devourer of Lights in Socrethar's Rise.Draenor (Quests) 10 It's the Stones!Edit, the bonus objective icon on a zone map.

Draenor (Quests) 10 You Can't Make a Giant Omelette.
You can always farm other reputations in the dungeons at the same time if you are wearing a Tabard of that faction.
Draenor (Quests) 10 Broke Back Precipice Defeat the powerful foes within Broken Precipice.