Helicopter Pilot - Steal Savage and bring it to LS Coronary.
Note that there will be a number of hötorget bingo enemies (Avon's military that are waiting at the beach and 3 helicopters that will easily kill the you as you swim to shore so it's advisable for the air team to prioritize destroying the helicopters to allow.
GTA Online Doomsday Heist Bonuses, here's a list of Bonuses Rewards for completing Doomsday Heist.No deaths, aCT 2 tHE, bogdan.Use that to go to Sandy Shores whilst being chased by Dubsta 6x6s, an occasional Valkyrie and a few roadblocks along the way.This mission was a bit glitchy when I did it as I downed the jet over the Alamo Sea and Lester said to dive down and retrieve the module, but the mission icon was on the freeway.Reward : Trade price for the Chernobog.Afterwards, just head on over to the Akula.5th Setup (AIR defenses Go to Sandy Shores Airfield to pickup the Volatol and fly to Mount Chilliad to destroy a bunch of SAM towers/batteries using the Volatols weapons (2 turrets - top and bottom - and carpet bombs).Some will have random cars like Elegy Retro Customs while 4 will have Stormbergs.All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.As soon leuke bingo spelletjes as you pick up the bag, you gain a 3-star wanted level and police immediately spawn near you.Heist (THE bogdan problem There are two teams in this heist, which is pretty similar in design to the Humane Labs Raid; air team (in an Avenger) and water team (in a Stromberg).Once youve gotten the vehicles, the rest of the mission is just following Agent ULS from Paleto to Sandy Shores.The missiles are deactivated and therefore, unusable in the prep.
The Barrage can hold 4 people; 2 in the front and 2 on the mounted guns (one machine gun on the front and one grenade launcher on the back).

Heist (THE doomsday scenario *Currently bugged and the game will give you an error when starting.* Credits and huge thanks to the following for contributing and helping make this thread possible: PiippuLaku StangOne50 Strange R3CON Asian_Apache joel15cat TheReasoner icefds As always, input from the community.Otherwise, it'll be difficult to kill the enemies and you'll be stuck in an endless loop of respawning on Seasharks and getting shot to death before you can even get on the rig.Youll be destroying and killing Valkyries and Dubsta 6x6s (plus roadblocks) that spawn indefinitely until you reach the safehouse (near the Zancudo facility).Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.The enemies will come from the ground floor, second floor and ceiling area so you need to be mindful of that.I recommend killing all the enemies on the rig by sniping from shore before taking the Seasharks.

If you got it right, it wont reset that particular wire and you only need to worry about correct any wrong connections you made.