It has your blood.
Sometimes, my friend, fortune is a whore.
But I never lied when I said.
Seven grams in my pocket made my day!It's All In Your Mind.You, weak mind, don't lose your way.It's all in your mind!".Weak mind, get to your limit.Sometimes, fate makes you a winner.
It has your blood, darling.
Weak mind, don't give a wrong move.

Weak mind, your destiny is already written.Fate spins like a roulette!Choose your cards and play, is the fortune on your side?I never thought I could bingo rätta lott get as close, but neither I could lose.Dirty money in my wallet.All our promises are bleeding in your hands.

Don't give a wrong move, get to your limits.
Recall my words: "I have the mother fucking guts to pull the trigger".
Weak mind, don't lose your way.