(5 stars got the job done.
Once you know that, you'll know the maximum throughput from the computer's POV.
At one time the screen froze but I unplugged and re plugged in and the problem solved quickly.USB.0 ports are completely backward compatible.Response from m: Brian, Customer Support on 7/31/2017 3:57:51 PM, thanks for sharing your review of our USB2dvie3.By: Diggy on, i'm pretty satisfied with the adapter, but I do want to note that I received the adapter as a free sample.Visual difference between different USB ports.Did we miss anything on our discussion about USB.0.0?In this article: Click here to jump to the infographic.In other words, a USB.0 drive must be connected with a USB.0 port to be able to achieve the high data transfer rates USB.0 are known for.

Yes - 1 No - 0 Report (5 stars) By: Abby B on I received this adapter for free in exchange for my honest opinion, and it was just what I have been looking for.By: svantej on 07/21/2017, worked out of the box form Windows.The short answer is there's no way, from an end-user POV, to conclusively test because you'd need visibility to the internal bus to measure the effective transfer rate.Hands down a breeze to connect and makes my job much easier.By: Melanie h on, this product worked great to set idrottens bingo västerås öppettider up a second monitor at home for my work from home job.We've also emailed you directly about this situation.For the most part, the adapter served its purpose, but there were a few times where I experienced display issues!It is important to note that a USB.0 drive is also compatible with a USB.0 port.Quality of Product (5/5) Comment Helpful?Thus, USB.0 can only send data or receive data at a given time, but not do both.Order your custom promotional drives and get a super-easy hassle-free" today!But to confuse things, each USB spec has more than one data rate assigned.This means that the data is both sent and received over the same pathway.Also, USB.0 ports are backward compatible.It's a USB monitor adapter so you can't expect to do anything fancy.
USB.1 has a data transfer rate of 10,000 Mbps.
Just installed 2 USB2dvie3 adapters on a HP laptop.

Low.5 Mbps Full 12 Mbps High 480 Mbps Super 5 Gbps.
By: thezuur on I use this device at work, connected to a docking station that shares 4 users.
Very happy with.