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Any particular tie-up will be the result of mash-up of reasons, discussed and debated (in secret) by a law firms' partnerships.Salary: 77,256, zizzo Group, avg.And as firms move towards a more sector-based approach, a tie-up can help tjäna pengar på att spela spel widen a firm's ability to offer a comprehensive service to existing sector clients, or appeal to clients in sectors it may not have served before.Legacy SJ Berwin trainees told us this after the King Wood Mallesons merger: It would have been awful if we'd applied to work at one firm and ended up at another as a result of the combination, but that hasn't been the case at all.Over at newly-formed Wragge Lawrence Graham Co, trainees in London remarked on the number of getting-to-know-you events laid on so the two legacy groups of trainees could become acquainted, as well as loads more seat options which are now on offer post-merger.Firms can merge for one or more of these reasons.
Technically, such tie-ups are not 'mergers' in the strict legal sense; the term 'combination' is often used.

Salary: 77,500, the Stone Agency, avg.Quite a lot of mergers happen for financial reasons, although for obvious reasons firms are usually keen to keep quiet about.It was a completely unique proposition, UK graduate recruitment partner, nicola Bridge told us in summer 2014.We don't pretend to have access to the most secret concerns of firms' top brass, but in our view there are five broad reasons why law firm mergers happen: going global, going national, entering new markets, practice expansion, and financial pressures.This feature originally appeared in our February 2015 newsletter.Salary: 77,500, swift, Currie, Mcghee Hiers Llp.Crucially, it enabled SJB to get a big bite of the Asian market.A recent fad has seen UK firms pairing up with Australian outfits: Herbert Smith, Ashurst, Bird Bird and K L Gates have all pursued this strategy.More will no doubt throw their hats into the ring over the coming months and years.Other benefits can include extra client secondments (see Bond Dickinson ) and an added helping of overseas opportunities (see Ashurst ).