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May you all have good times this holiday season.
I hope you enjoy this sheet as much as.
It is a time to remember what the year has been like, and to make bonus bingo gratis promises to ourselves about what we will do right in the year ahead.But never ever forget.For some time now.It uses Periphery FM Revised rules and is really bloody nice.They hold, together with Ral Partha Europe, the exclusive rights to their award-winning line of BattleTech miniatures.Wednesday, April 15, 2015, empires Aflame, welcome back to all you fun people out there.) Tuesday, March 23, 2004 Vehicle Factory Files Uploaded I have uploaded several new files for the Vehicle Factory 3 program.Operation Blessing, The Salvation Army, and of course The Red Cross are accepting donations to aid the human suffering.Now to celebrate for BattleTech, Snake Eyes has sent me more files for HeavyMetal Aero, and HeavyMetal Vee, gleaned from TRO 3085 Cutting Edge.The Concrete Dragons rock.I had planned on updating but other matters have caught my attention.Also, thanks to Trace Coburn of the CBT forums, I have now added a story form of the MechCommander Opening Cinema to my website under the official fiction section of my creative page.) Also, Bedwyr has been waiting for a while for me to get off my duff and actually push up several very nice pdf files he sent.Did you want to do while taking into account the piloting and gunnery numbers of said units?I strongly suggest reading them.If you thought that the last ones rocked (and I did I think you'll fall in love with the new ones.

I hope you enjoy them.The first, The Other Side of Huntress, is a Grey's Shadows story while the others were several Veiled Republic stories and designs I've been building.In the meantime, I have been asked to make a download of the site available, like the one that the original maintainer of Crouton Command had.Finally, HMLite sports a file for the 3060 ProtoMechs (including some customs) and the ProtoMechs in RS 3067.New, unique 'Mech variants from IWM, such as the Mad Cat Pryde, Daishi Prometheus, Yen-Lo-Wang and more, will again be available first (and possibly exclusively) through m!All of them now include Republic of the Sphere designs, so load these babies up have a throw down.Friday, November 19, 2004 BattleTech Gamplay Reference Sheets Nathan updated the two previous ones and sent me a new Reference Sheet for use in playing the BattleTech boardgame.You can now find it.The program will launch with a 70mm x 100mm,.5 oz metal laser etching of the 20 Year Anniversary Classic BattleTech logo.He is doing some good work here and I'm happy to host them.So here.For anyone to download.HeavyMetal Pro, HeavyMetal BattleArmor, and, heavyMetal Vee to include the marauding Clans.