9.5 cimb Bank is not liable in any way should you encounter any problems with the goods and services that you obtain through the use of your Card nor is cimb Bank responsible for any benefits, discounts or programs of any merchant that is made.
3.4 cimb Bank shall not be obliged to act on any request to cancel, revoke, reverse or amend any instructions for Payment or Transfer or any other instructions after it has been transmitted to cimb Bank.(i) Any unauthorised access and/or use of the Banking Services by any person.Grade 7 24, grade 8 26, grade 9 26, grade.Terms Conditions Governing Electronic Banking Services.The right to suspend your access to and use of the Electronic Channels and the Banking Services may be exercised by cimb Bank at any time it has reasonable grounds to believe that Security Information and/or Card has been compromised in any way whether.Updating Of Your Particulars You shall promptly notify cimb Bank in writing or by other means acceptable to cimb Bank of any changes in your personal particulars and cimb Bank shall be entitled to assume that there have been no such changes until cimb Bank.By doing so, you will be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.Transfers and Payments.1 Transfers and Payments are not final upon receipt of your instructions.2.4 If you discover or have reasonable grounds to believe that the Security Information and/or Card has been lost, stolen, compromised in any way; and/or if you have received any statement, data or information blackjack inatt inatt chords which indicates that an unauthorised transaction has taken place.Cimb Bank may debit the overdraft charge to your Deposit Account 2007 opel astra bingol monthly or at such other intervals as cimb Bank may determine."Electronic Channels" means the internet (specifically cimb Clicks and any other website specified casinomax no deposit by cimb Bank the network of automated teller machines operated by cimb Bank and Partner Banks, point-of-sale terminals and other means of access to the Banking Services using the Card or any.The rates published by cimb Bank are for indicative purposes only.19.3 For the avoidance of doubt cimb Bank shall not be obliged to act on any instructions or message sent through the Secure Messaging Service or otherwise.Subject to Clauses.4 and.5, such instructions shall be irrevocable and binding on you upon transmission.12.2 Notwithstanding the generality of Clause.1, cimb Bank may suspend, terminate or restrict your Accounts and/or your access to the Electronic Channels and/or the Banking Services or any part thereof immediately upon giving you notice and without liability whatsoever to you or any third.11.4 All notices from you to cimb Bank shall be effective only upon cimb Bank duly recording the same in its records.
24.8 Transactions using the Card in foreign currency shall be converted to Singapore dollars based on the prevailing wholesale currency market rates or the government-mandated rate, as shall be determined by the respective card associations, namely MasterCard International and Visa International.

15.2 Pursuant to Clause.1, such evidence shall be conclusive of your instructions and/or communications transmitted between cimb Bank and you.Grade 11 26,000, application Fee : RM 1,000, enrolment Fee : Primary Years Programme / Middle Years Programme.(m) Your failure, neglect or omission to maintain sufficient funds in the relevant Accounts to perform any of your instructions.5.4 You shall at all times observe and abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any other agreement between cimb Bank and you and any other rules, regulations, policies and guidelines currently in force.(l) Any inaccuracy or incompleteness of information, data or instructions given by or to you in relation to any transactions or the performance of any transactions or otherwise in relation to the provision of any of the Banking Services.20.2 You may use your Card in the manner and for the purposes prescribed by cimb Bank from time to time.8.3 Where any communication involves your sensitive or confidential information whether in relation to your Accounts or any transactions made in relation thereto or otherwise, you should not communicate such information by email (not being secure as the Secure Messaging Service).5.6 You shall observe all reasonable propriety and etiquette in your communications with cimb Bank and shall not communicate any obscene or defamatory information to cimb Bank whether through the Electronic Channels or otherwise.Cimb Bank may charge an overdraft charge based on the amount of the overdrawn balance existing at any time on your Deposit Account.Cimb, bank and you and includes.20.3 The Card shall remain the property of cimb Bank at all times and you shall surrender the Card to cimb Bank immediately upon request without further use after such a request."Payee Corporations" means the corporations and billing organizations approved by cimb Bank to which Payment can be made as may be added and varied from time to time and displayed under 'Payee List' on cimb Clicks.However, cimb Bank shall not be responsible or liable for any loss which you may suffer, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of cimb Bank's failure, neglect, omission or otherwise option not to request for such additional verification and/or information.You can settle the monthly interest and the principal amount anytime you wish.2.9 You shall at all times be responsible for the use of anti-virus software and/or security measures on any personal computer, electronic or telecommunications medium or access device to prevent unauthorized access to your transactions and Accounts via the Electronic Channels.