Get the invoice templates When is the best time to send your invoice?
This is different for sole traders and limited companies but essentially, you must show clearly your trading name, business address and also, where you can be contacted by the customer, in case of query or dispute.You can request payment clears before goods are shipped, paid upon receipt of the goods or on your terms such as a satellite receiver with card slot standard 30-day net.Agree your payment terms in advance as part of your.Invoice number this is a useful reference for your bookkeeping records when talking to customers or following up on unpaid invoices.VAT registered invoices, if youre registered for VAT you must produce a VAT invoice and keep a copy (digital or paper) of all invoices issued, including ones issued by mistake or cancelled.You can also accept credit and debit card payments through PayPal.Inform Direct is the perfect tool to help you easily keep everything up to date.If the same invoice was dated 20th January the payment would be due 15th February.Youll need to show the formal registered name of the company, alongside any name which youre using to trade.A busy accounts department will thank you for.

To help manage your time better you can use accounting software which can send professional invoices for you as you process orders instead of the time-consuming process of manually completing and sending your invoices.Especially for VAT invoices, this is often otherwise known as the supply date.Have a transparent and candid discussion with the customer whenever you notice a trend of recurring late payments.This is especially challenging for small businesses or start ups who cannot afford the payment lag.This means you can reuse the numbers and only need look at the last invoice reference for that client when choosing the next one.The more delayed your invoice is, the longer it will take to get paid.This is a win-win for both as the client can enjoy a discounted rate while the supplier can benefit from on time payments.You can also adapt and use our free invoice template.It is a common practice to offer a 1 or 2 discount on the total invoice amount if the invoice is paid within a specific term that is ahead of the due date.For example, if your payment term was 15 MFI and the invoice was dated 5th January, payment would be due on the 15th of January.