When is the ditf liable to pay?
Enhancing more propitious bank services, when DIS was introduced in Bangladesh?
Is the ditf needed to be audited?
Who is the Chairman of the Trustee Board?What is meant by Deposit Insurance Trust Fund (ditf?What is the basis of determining the premium of DIS?Is membership in the Deposit Insurance Systems mandatory for all the commercial banks operating in Bangladesh?However, there is the obligation to suspend payment of such guaranteed funds in case criminal proceedings are instigated against the depositor (until completion of such proceedings) indicating that the funds covered by the guaranteed compensation can be involved in money laundering practices, in other words.On the basis of Financial Health/camels rating of the banks, the premium rate is determined in accordance with three categories, namely a).10 for Problem banks b).09 for Early Warning Banks c).08 for Other than problems and anna casino no deposit bonus Early Warning Banks.Information on the time and place of such payments will be announced in the national press and the outlets of the bankrupt bank.In accordance with the provision of the "Bank Amanat Bima Ain 2000 (The Bank Deposit Insurance Act, 2000 premium collected from insured banks and all other receivables are deposited into an account called Deposit Insurance Trust Fund (ditf).How the ditf (Deposit Insurance Trust Fund) is utilized?Within 180 days (within 90 days of submission claim list by liquidator from the date of his assuming office and within 90 days of reimbursements after getting such claim list).
In the event of a bank's liquidation, the liquidator prepares depositor wise claim list and sends it to the Bangladesh Bank or Trustee Board for scrutiny and payment.

At present fund is invested only in 5 years and 10 years Bangladesh Govt.In the event of a failure, which authority has the power to liquidate the estate and distribute payments to creditors for the Commercial / scheduled Banks?The guaranteed funds are paid out to persons authorised to receive them, including the depositors, their duly authorised representatives, their statutory representatives or successors in title.The date of suspension of the bank in its operations by the Financial Supervision Commission.Banks have the right to set off their dues from the amount of deposits.How does the Premium determined for the banks?International Association of Deposit Insurers.Can the bank deduct the amount of dues payable by the depositor?
January-June and July-December sessions.