5 Fear aura Enemies engaged with the demon who are below its fear wow vanilla best in slot hunter hit point threshold are dazed and cant use the escalation die.
Flier : A stormwyt is a capable and agile aerobat.
AC PD MD HP Minotaur Size/Strength Large; Level 4th; Role Troop; Type Humanoid Initiative 8 Axe or horns.
Resist fire 18 : When a fire attack targets this creature, the attacker must roll a natural 18 on the attack roll or it only deals half damage.AC (2 attacks 9 damage Raging frenzy : Whenever the frenzy demon misses with a melee attack, it gains a 1 attack bonus and deals 1d4 damage until the end of the battle (maximum bonus 4, 4d4).PD (up to 3 nearby enemies in a group 50 cold damage Limited use : 1/day, and the attack affects the ogres allies engaged with or between enemy targets.Remember the good ol rule rend AND move, THE more YOU fight THE better!On the first turn a player is affected, the player may make a single action (standard, move, or quick after which they must roll a hard save (16).This catch all Barb build will suit your needs and more.AC ; 27 damage, and one of the minotaurs allies can pop free from the target as a free action Furious charge : The attack instead deals 40 damage on a hit if the minotaur first moves before attacking an enemy it was not engaged.PD (1d2 nearby enemies 2d12 fire damage Miss : Half damage.When any affected target suffers this ongoing damage, the sluagh immediately heals an equal amount of damage.AC PD MD HP Goblin Scum Size/Strength Normal; Level 1st; Role Mook; Type Humanoid Initiative 3 Club.PD27 damage, and the target is grabbed.Ranged : Magic missile (one nearby or far away enemy 10 automatic force damage Limited use : 1/round, as a quick action.Other creatures along the path of this movement may intercept the target.Natural 16 : A humanoid target suffers a 2 penalty to attack and damage.

Natural 16: The fire elemental may make a second fiery lash attack as a free action.Leathery wings spanning eight feet rise from his shoulders, and his facial structure is noticeably more primal and draconic than the rest of the Ixtupi.Special trigger Frost touch.Escalator : The black dragon queen adds the escalation die to her attack rolls.Size/Strength Large; Level 6th; Role Spoiler; Type Dragon Initiative 10 Claws.Any other gems worth it?Bracer and Amulet roll with Elemental.Ranged : Barbed crossbow.Escape speed : At the end of the ankhegs turn, roll.Last updated on Apr 16, 2019 at 08:46 by.Constrictor : At the end of the half-dragon anacondas turn, a creature it has grabbed takes 27 damage.Climber : A black pudding sticks to ceilings and walls when it wishes, sliding along as easily as on the floor.