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So take a good look at that bottle because you are going to need to find it's twin.First, to the VIP room where Heartbreaker Annie is keeping the Pit Boss busy and his golden briefcase is conveniently on the bar counter.Another simple yet not obvious tip is to just shoot the locks on wooden doors.Now, we are casino players first and foremost.Well, let us introduce you to what we believe is going to be one of the best guides around for those interested in them.While that is going, head to the Security room right across from the Manager's Office and start disabling those lasers.

There are two on the ground floor poker micro mtt strategy and one upstairs.Mastermind-, n/A, enforcer-, transporter (Aced technician-, hardware Expert, Drill Sergeant and Kickstarter(All Aced).This can save you a solid amount of time while going through the level.Perk Deck: I used burglar, this is a basic, stealth Build, notable Skills.Speaking of assets, these will be the ones that will help you out the most.Now it's time for the actual heist.
Backup Heartbreaker Annie VIP Room, additional Mission Equipment Vault Gate Keychain Added to Inventory And thats all 15 favours well spent.