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Starring Elsa Martinelli, Rosanna Schiaffino, and Laurent terzieff.
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Vadio has him framed for treason and is thrown into the arena to fight a group of six formidable gladiators.
Thus Naschy creates a novel villain who carries a framed photo of mom in his suitcase and wears a hearing device in his ear.

Bernard Blier is outstanding as the respectable man who kills a woman then is designated as a member of the jury during the trial where an innocent man is accused of his crime.Good to see Paola Quattrini as the rich kidnap victim.Rami Rodriguez, who for some reason pronounces Nestor's name "Nextor." Crazy old Nestor also has an mute, idiot servant who keeps humanoid zombie-thingies locos" in the credits) chained-up in the basement.Hedvig is a complicated character.She was once a hooker, but she's his best friend's daughter and besides she's so lovely It has often been mooted that Ginette Leclerc was a limited actress but nobody in France used to play the bitch-with-an-angel-face as she did.Most fans of the '70s giallo may find smile before death to be slow and lacking in murder sequences (the majority of giallo enthusiasts seem to think these films should all play like Argento's deep RED and while this film is admittedly less harsh than.The story is simple, but effective: The Sheriff's wife has given birth, but to Siamese twins!Gritty B W war film by Leopoldo savona starring Jack Palance, Giovanna Ralli, and Franco Balducci.Casino Astral.5 Gale Martin Casino Si vous aimez les bandes dessinées et les personnages de film fantastique, vous allez aimer le site Gale Martin et son bonus de 400 jusqu'à 800.The traditional but intense Nikolaidis cinematography style is ever-present and, as usual, the best part about his films is the performances, dialogues, tabboos broken, fears and norms questioned.The sailor is actually the former owner of the boat, and ten years earlier had allegedly killed his hn Savage, Helmut Berger, and Tomas Arana star and Marcello Avallone directs.THE perfect scandal (1984)- Ben Gazzara, remove cue slot traktor 2 Valeria D'Obici The real story takes of Bruneri/Canella case (Italy 1926).The hippies' free and unconventional ways quickly upset the staid lives of the locals.
BOX 12161, spring, TX 77391 ALL titles ARE english dubbed unless otherwise specifies baraka X-15 (1966)-Letterboxed print.