France can get very militaristic during the Renaissance and later due to its strong Musketeer unique unit, and may be able to capture enemy cities that contain Great Works (which France can then move to its own capital to satisfy theme bonuses).
Of action, not words.
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This made Paris into the world's first "City of Light allowing people to work and engage in recreational activities around the city during the night, eventually establishing a 24-hour culture and the urban nightlife.Ultimate Civilization V Introduction Cinematic, i don't know if it was done before, so I did it myself.Examples of Chateau being built adjacent to a sea luxury resource left, and adjacent to a resource owned by another civ right.If needed, use stored Faith to buy Great Musicians and perform concert tours in hold outs.Civilization V: Gods Kings OST - Theme With Lyrics.
You might be better off delaying artists until you have advanced to the Industrial era, that way you can try to get all 3 Industrial artworks without бонус код unibet poker having to conflict with the Renaissance artworks needed for Sistine Chapel.

The Musketeer's raw strength is enough to overcome enemy bonuses such as nearby generals or the Discipline policy from the Honor tree, but it is a small and short-lived advantage.Try to avoid advancing to the Industrial era until you have been able to spawn two Great Artists to generate two works of art to fill the Sistine Chapel's theme bonus (2 works of art from same civ and same era).This shouldn't matter in open areas of the map, but if the terrain is blocked by mountains, coastlines, natural wonders, or other resources (on which Chateaux cannot be built then you might end up hurting yourself by reducing how many Chateaux you will be able.Fulfilling this theme will generate 4 tourism with every civ that you've met long before most civs will be generating large amounts of tourism or culture.A.I.s are very competitive for this wonder at higher difficulties, so it may not be worth pursuing unless you get Pottery and/or Writing from an early ruin and have a productive capital.The downside is that the buff in combat strength does not carry over when upgraded, and the unit lacks any special permanent promotions.Civilization V: Gods and Kings - Review.You'll want high population to support lots of specialists (such as Writers, Artists, and Musicians) and to work productive tiles so that you can successfully complete wonders in the City of Light.Hermitage is also high priority.
The Musketeer is significantly more powerful than the Musketman, making it the most powerful foot soldier unit in the game (until the introduction of Industrial Era Infantry units).

He is also tolerant of warmongering, and can make an ideal ally for other warmongering civs like Assyria, Huns, Japan, Mongolia, Rome, Zulu, and.
Research Guilds early so that you can build and work your Artist's Guild in order to fill your Cathedrals with art.
Start filling all your available merchant, scientist, and engineer slots and use the Futurism tenet to gain large chunks of tourism with any civs that you can't defeat through force.