Mack joins the efforts to recapture the Fox River Eight.
She first appears in "Eagles and Angels" as the wife of Erol Tabak, the Turkish consul and a Scylla Cardholder.
He is later revealed to be a Company agent.Judge Kessler (played by Joel Hatch) is the judge presiding over the case suggesting Terrence Steadman's death was faked.Every Monday in April, Line Dances at 7:15pm and Merengue at 8:15 at Susans World of Dance, Lees Summit.Davies ) appears as a Company agent in the season 2 finale.His first lover was a friend's father, but when his wife found out, she had her brothers bury him alive.40 Highway, Independence, MO 7pm to 10:30pm The Ronni Ward Band is playing at the Redeye in KCK at 9pm Cheap Thrills are playing at Konrads Kitchen and Taphouse, Lees Summit at 9pm Sunday April 14- The Joe Walker Band is playing for the Sunday.Tyler Robert 'Bob' Hudson (played by Michael Cudlitz ) was a correctional officer at Fox River until he was killed by T-Bag after he and T-Bag found the hole at the back of Michael Scofield's cell.A conversation he has with Kellerman before shooting causes him to start doubting his boss' motives.A really good time for a little cost.Falzone is then tricked by Michael and Abruzzi to go to Canada to find Fibonacci, and Falzone and his men are arrested by the police.In "The Sunshine State she is revealed to be alive, living under the alias Christina Hampton, and working for The Company, though her exact position is unknown.Phone #.00 - 7 pm to 10 The Honky Tonk Trio are playing at the American Legion, Post 327, 6521 Nieman.

Michael and Whip are there to break him out.He later kills Nick and his father after Nick lets Veronica go to Montana to find Terrence Steadman.Manche Sanchez (played by Joseph Nunez ) is Sucre's cousin, and is incarcerated at the same prison.Pope is shocked and feels betrayed by Michael.When he hands it over, Michael injects Sklar himself in the neck with it, knocking him out.In " The Killing Box Kellerman calls Kim with a plan to eliminate the recently recaptured Lincoln and Michael.
The Company and holds the rank golden restaurant casino ruhl of General.
Rafael (played by Joseph Melendez) is one of the guards protecting the walls of Sona Federal Prison.

Learning that the General has one of the Scylla Cards, Michael's team plan an attack against his limo in "The Price".
Cross (played by TJ Ramini ) is an inmate at Ogygia.