New chapters in lätt att låna pengar Eternias Vault!
This Dimensional Hall is for players with at least SLvL 1!Get ready to meet your fate!Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory / OW: Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory.Last, but not least, for the events in this patch.This dungeon is not like others it is hard, demanding and groups need to work together!Alabastren Temple / OW: Alabastren Temple.The following table and list will show where you can find the Eidolons in Navea and in which dungeons you can drop Eidolons Contest Ticket: Eidolon locations in Navea: Dungeons which drop item: (only team and hell modes).Not just new, shiny SLvL 5 armor can be dropped, but also key fragments of Hermes, Demeter and Eirene!Candeo Core / OW: Candeo Core.Frozenlea Plains, twilight Forest / OW: Twilight Forest.They are back and ready to share their fragments with you!And with the most exciting dungeon announced, it is time for some more challenging stuff!Little devils go wild!Three new dungeons, well.Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen, pyroclastic Purgatory, tempestuous Temple.Time to get all cozy and sleep with an Eidolon pillow!
O o, what a long journey and you all were part of it!

every day at 12:00 am, 08:00 aAM and 08:00 PM the parade will happen in Navea (X850 Y580)!Wrathborne Temple, ghostweep Cave, ozymand Temple, titan's Root / OW: Titan's Root.A new team challenge awaits you all!Two new dungeons and another Dimensional Hall!Darkthunder Temple, frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal, gaia Chronicle Event!Deep's Cavern / OW: Deep's celebrate this milestone, Patch 50 includes several events!There are several Eidolons in Navea who are participating casino online germany in a collection event.Let the farming begin!( NPC added for the awakening quest Spend gold to get a buff to certain stats during the awakening quest Several masteries/mastery boxes additionally added to Vault of Eternia (Team) Attack-Box, Defense-Box, Special-Box and Tactical-Box Several Eternia related items additionally added to Vault of Eternia.Vote for your Eidolon!The new Dimensional Hall you can find on Hidden Valley at X:111 Y:613.So lets get the party started and enjoy the patch and the events!Chapter 13, 14 and 15!
Gainey, Ruth and Von are awaiting you.
Gydaie Glen / OW: Gydaie Glen.