What the William Wallace campaign said when the British were attacking our outposts.
(Last question) How important are pokerstars cash game results the final wood and food upgrades to you?
Which late game army appeals to you the most?
Rarely Sometimes Often.What are the Celts' really good at?Discount on buildings/units (eg.The game is available to be purchased at the following link: m/app/221380/.Addciv country_tag adds civilization in selected province.How do you feel about the monastery?Dark Age Rush with Militia (Drush).Like theviper always says it depends.American, east Asian, western European, central European, eastern European.This last question is for interest's sake of who is taking the survey: On a good day, what would you consider your current rating to be?How important are camels to you?(You may pick more than one).Addplayer adds new player in selected country.They aren't gonna be as good as say Vikings at knight rushing (another civ with arguably worst kts with no bloodlines but has a far better eco) and they're somewhat comparable to a brit knight rush they're basically a halfway between Slav and Teuton Knight.Scenario: Your opponent is making a large number of elite longbowmen.

What do you think gold reef city casino johannesburg 2159 south africa matters most in making a civilization strong?Castle Rush with Knights, login berkahpoker castle Rush with Cavalry Archers, i often wait until imperial age without attacking.Camels, i overwhelm the enemy knights with more knights!How do you feel about the onager line?I want my civ to have access to champions.Which architecture do you like the best?Which cheat unit appeals to you more: An invisible ninja that can silently assassinate enemy villagers OR a tank that can only run over enemy military units?Well their wood bonus still somewhat helps.What is your preferred response?You have to make a transition as you click.Which would you rather have: Arbalest or Paladin?I can do without it Yes.
Feudal Rush with Towers, castle Rush with Knights, castle Rush with Cavalry Archers.
I don't care about it at all and rarely use them.