A five-year jumbo CD on average pays.55 percent APY, while a 5-year CD rate pays.49 percent as wms slots website of late January, according to Bankrates national survey of banks and thrifts.
For Standard Term CD Account, No additional deposits until maturity.
A bump-up CD helps you benefit from a rising-rate environment.
But add-on CDs let you make multiple deposits into the account during the CDs term.Automatic renewal, this feature is available for Featured CD Account.The trade-off is that you wont make high returns on these investments.You have the option of cashing out at the end of the term or rolling over the CD for another term.However, these types of CDs may come with strict withdrawal limits and large minimum investment requirements.

A certificate of deposit is a time deposit account.If youre willing to sacrifice some yield math of slot machines or tolerate some additional risk, you might find a CD better suited to meet your financial needs.Competitive interest rates, multiple terms available 10,000 minimum opening balance, schedule an appointment Featured CD Account.Also dont forget to consider your tax bite: The interest you earn will be taxed as ordinary income.This feature is available for Standard Term CD Account.Coupon refers to a periodic interest payment.
Eligible for full deduction of contribution (up to 6,000) per year.
Moreover, there is a big caveat: There is no guarantee that you would end up better off than you would have if you had parked your money in a traditional.

But thats not always the case.