All you need is the Capital One app and access to a camera.
Capital One 360 is a viable option for those who want the higher interest rates of an online bank without all of the fees.If the check is wrinkled, make sure to flatten it before taking a picture.What should I do with the check once I have scanned and deposited my check?This type of account is meant for retirement savings.Only available for new Capital One 360 customers.From cashback to travel rewards to cards for bad/limited credit.Checking.20 APY under 50,000;.75 APY 50,000 or more;.00 APY 100,000 or more.Online bill pay, with option for automatic payments.They do not, however, offer checking account programs.
Activate a credit or debit card.
Capital One 360 Money Market - 25 Get 25 if you make an initial deposit of 250 - 9,999.99.

Select the account to receive the deposit, enter the amount and tap.Yes, register each device.No special equipment needed use your own compatible scanner.0.75.10 APY.You don't pay overdraft fees on your checking account.You can choose one of the following choices: Auto decline charges you don't have the funds to cover.In addition, some items are not supported by Mobile Deposit because of check printing issues.No deposit to open.Earn 500 bonus when you maintain 50,000 or more for at least 90 days following the Initial Funding Period.And it has several CD options to choose from, including a No base attack bonus rogue Penalty and Raise Your Rate.It is automatic with setup for online banking.Follow-up e-mails will be sent when the deposit is approved and processed.Capital One 360 provides multiple banking products, allowing you to satisfy all your banking needs in one place if you so choose.Your security is important.Bottom Line: Is Capital One 360 Good?There is a review process we follow after you sign up for online banking.
360 Money Market The Capital One 360 Money Market has no minimum deposit and no fees.
Tech-savvy savers will enjoy Capital One 360's mobile app.

Teens can make their own money decisions.